Lost in the Prancing Pony

(Wouldn’t it be embarrassing on an epic scale for a 4+ year vet to get lost in the Prancing Pony? Why, yes, it sure would. So we’ll pretend I didn’t do that. Ok? Thanks.)

Once I’d found my way out of the Pony I moseyed on down towards the Old Forest. While there I ran into an old friend, Bob, who laughed and called me silly for getting lost and running around in circles in the Pony. I couldn’t help but think Bob was one to talk. I mean, after all, the hobbit was asking for my help to find his daughter!! I’d much rather have to look for an exit than search the Barrows for my daughter! Talk about priorities! He’s an old dear friend, though, so I decided ole’ Tom could wait and off I went to find his precious little demon spawn Lalia.

By Durin’s Beard I’ve never seen such foolery lurking just past every hill! Confident in my ability to prove me mettle, I found her and promised to escort her to safety. And escort her I did! We found her cloak and were running for Bree when we were suddenly beset by a rogue pack of the ugliest wights you ever did see. They even had a pet rat with them that kept gnawing on my boots. I did my best but, I’m ashamed to say there was no magic in my runes that day.

Sadly, I made my way back to Bob to break the news to him. I couldn’t stop them from taking Lalia away again. Would you believe he wouldn’t talk to me? ME! His old buddy Razzma, he treated me like a stranger! I’ve knocked back more pints with Bob over the years than any other hobbit I know and there he sat, ignoring me as I poured my soul into my apology. I’ve a mind to pour a little swill in his pint the next time I see him in the Pony!

That’ll teach him to disrespect the likes of me!
(and now I get to go rescue that tart again … ugh! Makes me want to smack a hobbit!)

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  1. I love your posts Ranni! They always make me smile.

I love reading your comments. Thanks!

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