Hard earned

I love doing the Epic book quests and once I was back on Elendilmir Ranni, I realized I hadn’t started V3 Bk3. What’s more, I couldn’t remember where it started or anything about it so after asking a couple of buddies for help (on where to start it) I set off to run the book. As I progressed I remembered bits and pieces from having already finished the book on Crickhollow Ranni, but the ending … oh wow. The ending. I had totally forgotten what happens until I was there again.

I love a good story and the way the books are written, especially Epic books 1 and 3, they’re really good. They make you feel a part of the story, least, they do for me. What I especially love about Book 3 was being able to fight with the Rangers. I ❤ the Rangers as a whole but for me, there is one Ranger who’s just tops in my book. Which is why the ending for Book 3 put a lump in my throat (and maybe a tear in my eye the first time I did it). Ok, so I’ll be honest. If my house hadn’t been so loud with a couple of squealing teenagers, my eyes may have leaked a little this time, too.

The rewards for Book 3 rock! I love love LOVE this tapestry the most of all the rewards. The lamp post (Gondorian?) is ok but this tapestry is eight kinds of awesome and I’ve proudly displayed it in the main room of my house both as an awesome achievement and a /nod to my favorite Ranger. Because, to me, that’s what Book 3 was about (even though there are several arcs in the story). It’s like when Gandalf kills the ‘Rog and then dies himself. It gets me.

Speaking of, I watched The Fellowship of the Ring last weekend and, after watching Gandalf fall from the bridge, was a blubbering mess. My son, on seeing me visibly upset, asked, 

“Uh, you know he’s not real, right?”

If I’d have had Ranni’s staff, I would have whacked him with it. Anyway, this tapestry had such a huge emotional component to it I consider it ‘hard earned’. I hope the next book will continue with the incredible story telling and awesome rewards.


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