Real life events sucker-punched me in the face and forced a break from all of my ‘normal’ online activities for awhile. Knowing I needed a ‘different’ I’ve spent quite a bit of time playing a browser game that I love. I’m very into RTS browser games and they provide a good break when I burn out on LotRO. I’m starting to feel what I call ‘pangs of LotRO’ and have logged in a couple times to check mail in the last little bit.

I’m so glad I did, too. I had a mail waiting on me from an old friend who I haven’t heard from in a couple of years. He’s back and hopefully we’ll be able to hook up for a good LotRO session or two soon. Made my day hearing from him!

Today I did a bit more than just check mail. I played my Windfola LM for a bit. She’s just 15 and so I decided I’d finish the three quests she had going. I mentioned that I’ve been playing a browser game for the last few weeks. This is important to note as although you have characters you see moving around on the map and/or fighting, the movement is very 2-D. Movement in LotRO isn’t. At all. Those first few steps I took with my LM made me feel so dizzy it was crazy! I stopped and asked myself first if something was different and then ‘how the heck did you get used to this?’.

The way the cam swings around is something I don’t recall ever having a problem with when I first started playing but today? Woo. It’s gonna take getting used to before I can play more than a few minutes. I literally felt my eyes bugging. What’s funny is the cam angles and the way you move and can move the cam all around your character are things I love about the game. Maybe it was just weird because of the headache I’ve had the last day or two. Dunno, but I think my re-introduction is going to take a bit.

I haven’t read hardly anything about RoI yet. Need to get cracking on that as well.


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