Reputation achieved!

(click on the screenshot to enlarge it)

I finally got Ranni kindred with The Grey Company on Crickhollow, thus completing all necessary factions for the Eriador Deed Steed. I did this on Elendilmir a long time ago and totally don’t remember the horse looking this pretty! May have to log into Big E Ranni and check to make sure I ‘got’ the horse. Actually I’m sure I did, just may not have ever pulled it out and went for a ride.

Completing kindred with the reputation factions seems much easier than it used to be. Original Ranni had a tough time doing Council of the North, for instance, in Angmar. In the interest of full disclosure, she maxed that faction almost 100% (best I recall) by running Carn Dum. I ran that instance for fun and as a teaching instance for learning group dynamics to start prepping folks for end game raiding. I can only remember one group of folks that, after helping them run quests in Evendim as a group (they were friends), I swore I’d never be the one to take them into CD. Heh. Great people, mind you, they just had no idea how to kill stuff. Anyway, back to my point, getting kindred with each faction this go ’round was remarkably easier than last. Seems to come much quicker now, with the one noticeable exception being The Grey Company in Enedwaith. That used to go much faster!

So woot for me and let’s see if I can do it again! I’ve rolled some toons on my first server (once servers were added before SoA released) to play as a *secondary server and my hope is to get Ranni #3 maxed out there as well. Wish me luck!

*not really sure how to refer to rolling on Windy again as it was my home for over 2 years and, technically, I have a group of maxed toons on Big E as well. Not playing much on Big E, however, so Windfola is secondary right now. Confused? Me, too!


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