Makes you stop and think

Sometimes in game I have to stop and think, often in an awestruck wonder, at the details they’ve added to my surroundings. I’ve always loved the look of the Shire but after watching the LotR movies, I remember going back to Michel Delving and running on foot to Bree, stopping here and there along the way and just marveling at how ‘right’ Turbine did Middle Earth. Whenever I go to Evendim I hope the sun is rising (or setting) so I can go to the shore on Tinnudir that faces Rantost and just marvel at the sky and the reflection on the water. Forochel at night … need I say more?

Other times what makes me stop and think are things like the ghosts in the Haunted Inn in Mirkwood. Legend has it that Sauron passed through the Inn and if you’re lucky, you’ll see his ghost in the corner. (forget what actually triggers this, maybe someone doing the ‘nervous elf quest’?)

(click the screenshot to enlarge)
One that makes me giggle sometimes is how both the elves and many of the deer in Lothlorien are masked.

But what has me scratching my head is this one.

Why on earth is there a fox head on his butt? Do the giants never sit down? Wouldn’t that be super-crazy uncomfortable? And doesn’t it look … I’m not sure what the word is, but, really weird? I believe it was Floon who said they take extra care to make certain things (for instance, helms) as historical as they can, but I’m at a loss as to why there’s a fox head on the pelt covering the giants butts! These are giants in Enedwaith and, as far as I know, none of the other giants in game have pelts like this on their backsides. Certainly makes me stop and think.


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  1. ROFL… I did so many Gwiber hunts and never noticed that.

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