Anniversary event’s a swinging!

The 4th Anniversary celebration started yesterday in LotRO. I’ve been waiting to see what they had planned and thanks to a tweet I realized it was on. I quickly finished the set of dailies I was working on and headed to the horse race in Bree first. I won the race and got my horse token and on winning the Shire horse race, selected an anniversary token. That, in hindsight, was not a good selection as the anniversary horse costs three horse race tokens versus the one from other festivals. Live and learn, no? (you also need 30 anniversary tokens and a document of ownership for the Anniversary mount)

Next I went to the Ale Hall in Thorin’s Hall basement for the beer fight. I remembered doing this event when it first came out and how much fun I had. Most of my beer/ale fighting was done with just a few people who were willing to work together to make sure A) no one was thrown out of bounds, B) everyone got all the festival items they wanted and C) we all finished our deeds. The wait time between fights we filled with dancing, emoting, gags and general chatting as we’d just met and were getting to know each other. In short, it was just a ton of fun!

(click on the screenshots to enlarge them)

 I had fun doing the fights today, too, for a little while. Once it became crowded and I found myself playing against folks who’s goal was to knock you out of bounds, it wasn’t so fun anymore. At least, it sure felt like that was a common goal amongst a few of them! The biggest downer for me was that you only get one anniversary token per winning fight. Just one. The cosmetics, housing items and horse cost more tokens than regular festivals but the rate for getting these tokens has been drastically reduced. Makes for a seriously long grind after you’ve decided what items you can do without!

 When I looked at the barter items you can get at this anniversary celebration, I liked them all. There’s a large yard windmill, a small furniture windmill, a dress, robe and cloak, and maps that fit on small wall hooks in your house. These maps, oh my word, I can’t tell you how long I’ve been wanting them in game! Ok, so I can. It’s ever since they came out with houses! No lie! They currently have eight different maps of areas in game, framed maps, that you can barter anniversary tokens for. Each map (as well as the other deco and cosmetics) cost 20 anniversary tokens each. I went completely gaga over these maps and made myself at home in the Ale Hall, bound and determined to earn my maps as fast as possible.

 Here’s the Bree-land map as it hangs on my wall. Isn’t it total awesome sauce??

When I purchased (bartered for) the Bree-land map a deed popped up in my deed log. There are a total of 21 maps you need to get to finish this deed! ./swoon!

The reward for finishing the Cartographile deed is a map of Eriador. Again, ./swoon!

Since there are only eight maps available right now on the Games Master NPC I have no idea how we can gain the other 13 maps. Some feel that perhaps there will be a treasure hunt of some sorts where we can earn the rest. Or maybe they’ll be part of future events. Who knows? What I can tell you for certain is that I spent WAY too much time in game today and, maps or not, I do not plan on participating in the Ale fights tomorrow. I need a break from them and will just do my dailies and maybe a few Mirkwood quests and get back to earning tokens for maps on Thursday.

Here’s the map of the Shire that I earned today as well. Did I mention that I spent WAY TOO MUCH TIME in game today?? I’m almost tempted to just not play at all tomorrow but I know myself and my LotRO addiction better than that.


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  1. Very cool maps! Thanks for letting us all know. I certainly will be spending some of my tokens on these. A cartographer title would be cool too.

  2. Those maps look really nice, and as a burly bloke and dwarf *cough* I am not bothered by the cosmetic clothing or horse, but these I was interested in.It just seems too much of a grind currently, I hope people suspicions are correct, and there will be more stuff added soon.

  3. @ Tobias- Yah, I'm loving these maps! I do not like the grind to get the tokens but I've wanted maps like this for so long, I'll do it. There is a title with deed completion. Forget how it's worded exactly.@ Adam- Lol, I like the cosmetics and would love a windmill, but given the incredible amount of time to get tokens I had to make a choice. I'm going to get the other two horse tokens *just incase I change my mind about the horse*, but I'm just going to focus on the maps.

  4. The rewards all look fantastic, just a shame the actual event itself couldn't be a bit more varied.

  5. Thanks for the pictures of maps! Could be nice to see windmills as well – if they have wings animation (fixed) or not?

  6. I really wish Turbine had provided more than 3 events to get tokens. *sigh* So many good things this event and no way to get them all.

  7. @ jadrax- Couldn't agree more!@ Pasha- Welcome. I've seen the windmills posted on the forums I think. The small furniture one is adorable!@ David- Agree. This is the first event where I've had to make a choice and not get them all. 😦

  8. @ranni, did I see correctly you are on crickhollow? I am looking for a guild with more players around my level, current guild is nice people but they are all lower level except for the leader. I am a 52 Captain Honestable.

  9. @ Tobias- Yes, I'm on Crickhollow but I'm in a kin of 2 people. I've been a kin leader for 3 of my 4 years playing and the politics of it all got to me so I decided to stay away from 'real' kins for awhile. We're just leveling our characters and having fun. I'd love to have more people in the kin but we're not out there recruiting. There's a certain expectation when you join a kin and I've never had a group of officers who all helped shoulder that responsibility, together as a group. If you need help with anything, though, from gear to quests to whatever, look me up! I'd just hate for anyone to join right now and not get that whole 'kin thing' met. Hope this makes sense. I play mostly on Ranni and Condi. Add me to your friends and shoot me a tell anytime. 🙂

  10. @ranni – makes sense and I will add you to my friends list. I need a little more conversation some times, I mostly play with my brother but when we don't play together there is just guild chat and they seem to spend a good bit of time *mewing* at each other which. . well I'd like to just chat normal like 🙂 Thanks!!

  11. Found some information on the LoreBook on maps. Also, the maps are not Bound, so you can trade them around with others for the deeds. Here is what I posted to the forums on a thread about maps. Thread has a link back here. :-)If you look in the LoreBook, there are a whole bunch of maps, some from the current Anniversary Event, Some from the Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter Festivals. I see 32 total listed. I don't have any yet, but going by the deed mentions on the post above, for the 21 maps in Eriador, you get the Map of Eriador. There are maps listed for Moria with a meta-map for Moria itself when you collect all of them, maps in Rhovanion, with a meta-map for collecting all of them. Don't know yet if this will require all of Moria or not. And there is a map of Middle Earth for collecting all of the major maps. The question is, does the Map of Middle Earth only require the current 3 major maps listed, or will it's requirements change over time as we get new area's, like the current Vol III deed.

  12. @ Steven- I saw that and I'm so excited. I just wish it didn't take so long to get them! Will be interesting to see how we aquire the rest of them.Thanks. 🙂 (if this comment posts as Teresa, that means I'm logged into the wrong account. Still me, Ranni.)

  13. With all these housing items, I wish they'd find a way to give us more room for displaying things. love the maps but it will be hard to pick which ones to display

  14. @ Garreth- Agreed! We need more hooks!! My buddy and I have a kin house and that's where we're putting the maps. Won't be enough room in our own houses to do so.

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