Enedwaith gives for an epic story line!

I decided to skip over Mirkwood for the moment and get to work on Enedwaith for both reputation and Volume 3 of the epic line. Original Ranni over on Elendilmir had completed all of the epic books up to the last update and instead of going over to her and doing the next book I figured I’d do them on Crickhollow Ranni first. I won’t spoil it as it’s a seriously epic experience on several levels, but I will say this.

I was so wrong about this.
(click the screenshots to see larger versions of them)

I really thought I’d known exactly who this was but I found out yesterday I was wrong. It makes perfect sense and certainly furthers the story in the right way, but it wasn’t at all what I wanted it to be. BUT, that just means what I wanted can still happen only in a more epic way. Right? (if you’ve never seen this character, when you’re in the mines with Nar, before you click to finish the instance go all the way to the tippy top and you’ll see it)

While questing in Enedwaith there comes a point where you have to attend a ‘council’ and for good reason. The council takes place in the big hut in Lhaunch with the Algraig people.

This was my second or third time doing this quest line so even though I was reading all of the dialogue, I was also paying more attention to my surroundings. Can you imagine being the one in charge of beating out all those rugs when it’s time to clean?? I think I’d rather eat an orc toe on a skewer than tackle that job. Froggie, my Tundra cub bear (and named for his father, Frogbiter, my original bear), felt that he was being ignored and took every opportunity to stand up nice and tall hoping he’d be asked to speak next. Very glad he wasn’t asked as I’m sure his only comment would have been something along the lines of ‘I like big oats and I can not lie’. He’s quite the cheeky companion!

Volume 3 of the epic books has been a smorgasbord of emotions for me. Finally seeing the Rangers fight, and being able to stand and fight with them is epic! The movie for the end of Volume 3 Book 3 is probably the first movie I’ll watch more than once. I’m going to throw caution to the wind and turn on ingame sounds so I can hear what’s said (my pc hard crashes when I turn ingame sounds on) because I just have to hear the words and music with those pictures. It’s probably a personal preference on my part (and that of others I’m sure!) but this book was exciting, rewarding and so sad all rolled into one. Awesome job, Turbine! I can’t wait to see what’s ahead as the story continues.


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  1. "I really thought I'd known exactly who this was but I found out yesterday I was wrong." That's funny because when I was in beta and saw him I thought exactly who it was but others decided it wasn't so I kept my mouth shut.

  2. I knew it was possible but I so wanted it to be different. I guess sometimes when you're waiting for something you know will happen eventually, you'll see it even if it's not there.

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