Reputation grind

I’ve been working on reputation, trying to get as many factions to kindred as I can. Saturday I went up into the big orc camp near Malenhad in Angmar and killed orcs until I had enough turn ins to finish up on my Esteldin reputation (didn’t take that long as those orcs appear to have a high drop rate on the war lashes). Next I headed to Forochel to do the quests I hadn’t yet done. Between questing and repuation barter drops I cinched that one fairly quickly as well. Council of the North in Angmar, however, was a whole different story as I hadn’t quested much there at all. I’d previously done just enough to get the questing deeds done and that was it.

I decided to start at Gath Forthnir and completed every quest there that I could. I still have a bunch of raid quests and a couple of big fellowship quests but since I was running solo I left those undone. There was a rescue quest I did that had me find a Ranger from Esteldin, Muiladan, and escort him to safety. I noticed three things with this particular quest, the first being that even though I was there to rescue him he immediately started barking orders at me. Funny, no? He was hiding in a bush so maybe it was just a case of nerves on his part? Secondly, dude must be wearing a large cowbell or something as we couldn’t take more than a few steps before the enemy heard him tromping through and came to ‘stop us’. Lastly, for all the mobs we had to fight, many of them bats (bats and induction skills make fighting super hard!), the reward just wasn’t worth it. Not even on level! Lore-Masters wear light armour and, as with many quests, there’s nothing here for them. Just a little bit of silver.

One of the quests had me burn three idols to try and dampen the spirits of the approaching enemy. I’ve done this one before on another character and remembered how I’ve always liked the look of these idols. Would love to have one in my yard as a deco item!

Once I’d finished all the Gath Forthnir quests I could do I went down to the little dwarf outpost, Myrkworth. Most of those I’d never attempted before and had a lot of fun doing them. Up until I went to collect the second set of water samples. If you haven’t done them before then this will be a spoiler of sorts for you … the ‘deadly’ samples you collect are sitting in water that kills you instantly if you touch it. That was a shock but in hindsight, I suppose I should have known given the name. I think I died three or four times to the deadly water while questing in that area, heh. Still, I did finally reach kindred with Council of the North and have since moved on to Enedwaith to start working on the Grey Company and Algraig factions. I’ve still got Mirkwood to do and need to start running the Rift skirmish daily if I want to do that faction, but other than that every other faction is now at Kindred. (well, I also still need to finish the Iron Garrison Miners rep)

I don’t know how long it will take to get both factions in Enedwaith to kindred but I’m having a blast running the quest lines so far. Shouldn’t take too much longer and I’ll have a couple of new rep horses. Woot!


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