Yeoman, make me some food!

 I have no earthly idea how “yeoman” is pronounced so my post title may not be as clever as I’d like to think it is. I’ve been needing to make Ranni and Condi food something fierce as they’ve been, for the most part, out of all food items. (and potions/scrolls/whatnot … I might be a hair lazy at times) Last night I decided to bite the bullet and start cooking. I was so incredibly happy that I still had enough in my stash of ingredients to do a couple stacks of the lamb with mint sauce, red tea and buttered scones and jam. That meant I didn’t need to farm this go round.
I forgot that I’d yet to make Condi any of her fortifying soups and with her starting Mirkwood, with no pots, I knew I needed to get those cranked out.  Winter wheat barley is needed not only for the Lamb and Barley (fear resist) soup but I used the last of my winter barley flour and needed to make more. So I’m currently kneeling in the Shire just above Hobbiton processing my winter barley crops.
I remember in the run up to SoA release how a bunch of us got together and decided to max our farming. Back then max was Master, not Supreme, and cost a pretty penny to get there. I’ll be honest and say that farming has always been rather ‘lack luster’ for me but when you do it in a large group like we did, it’s quite fun. We stripped down to our skivvies making sure to remove jewelry also (wanted no gear repair while farming) and set out a-planting. We had a blast coming up with ways to break the boredom factor. 
Anyway, I’m over halfway done with my 86 well-tended fields of barley. It’s my hope that I won’t be farming again in the near future. Wish me luck!

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  1. That's what I thought but my son thought it was pronounced differently. 'Course, he also thought it was Japanese for some reason.Thanks. 🙂

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