Who says drunken foolery doesn’t pay off?

I’ve been working every day of the festival (save one I think) to get started on and reach kindred reputation with both the Ale Association and the Inn  League. Since Ranni is my main I ran her threw the daily repeatable quests with a hunter friend, Moonwisp, to help speed things up. I’m so glad I’ve reached that goal and gotten my /jig and mounts! Woot!

When my original Ranni was on Windfola (before transferring to Elendilmir) I got her to kindred with the Inn League by doing the Shire drunk run every day for, IIRC, 500 points of rep. It took more than one festival for me to hit kindred back then so hitting it so soon on Crickhollow Ranni was super sweet! Eventually I’ll hit kindred with all the factions as I did on original Ranni, as I like to collect the reputation horses on my mains, but it’ll be awhile before my stable is full.

Speaking of festival fun, I took this screen capture from my combat tab while stomping shrews in Dulliond. Made me chuckle picturing all the little shrews as Chain Chomps from Mario Brothers!


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