Perilous screenshot taking

Continuing on with my conquering of the Moria Epic line on my prestigious and noble Captain, Condi Cane, I embarked on a most frustrating and face-palming adventure known as the ‘mirror puzzle’ in 2.8.3, A Relic in Lumul-Nar. In an effort to save face, I won’t tell you that it took me nearly two hours to figure out the mirror puzzle. Uh-huh, we’ll pretend I got that sucker right off the bat. Whee!

But yeah, I’d be lying so let’s be honest here. I stink at the mirror puzzle badly! Here’s a screenshot of one of the mirrors. I’ll award 1000 uber cool-ness points to the first person who can correctly guess where I’d like to shove that mirror ….

(click the screenshots to enlarge them if you wish)

I was so bound and determined to ‘beat this’ I wouldn’t stop. I did, however, try and reset the instance several times thinking the mirrors would return to their ‘default’ state and I could just follow a nice little guide and not have to worry about which way to turn what mirror and when. Didn’t happen, sadly, and so I was up way too late playing with levers. Such is life, no?

Finally I get them all turned the right way and the beam of beautiful and most glorious light burns the webbing that’s ‘hiding’ the lower levels away. Off I go! I tear through the next level and finally find myself in the last room of mirrors before the boss. Easy peasy! I knew exactly how to turn these mirrors (did I mention I’ve done this book before? I have, several times, but have never been in charge of the mirrors on the upper levels)

Excitedly, I flew down and around, anxious to start a-swiveling, when this happened.

To borrow a line from my favorite Intrepid Reporters, “Yep, yep, yep“. I fell to my death. Didn’t see it coming at ALL so please ignore the long strands of brunette hair laying about on the floor in here. I’m sure they’ll grow back soon enough. /blarg!

I waited my dread out (must save those precious destiny points for creepin’!) before carefully making my way down the wooden walk ways. I killed the nasty morrovels sliming up the mirrors, turned them correctly and then ran off to kill more as before I could get them all turned the right way, one or two would become covered in slime again. Frustrating, a little, but I was still thanking my lucky stars to be past that awful mirror puzzle! Finally, the webbing opened revealing the final boss, Ergoth.

She wasn’t hard at all as I was running the solo instance. I saw the adds around the mirrored surface but wasn’t the least bit concerned as I’d heard you don’t get the adds during solo play. HA! Note, that’s a big fat ‘ha‘. When Ergoth flew up in the air I stopped to take a screenshot. It took, maybe, three seconds. I turned all the screen junk off, saw the adds, thought “Woah!“, took the shot and then turned my screen junk back on. My health was over halfway down!

 Immediately I started running in circles waiting for Ergoth to come down and play again. I didn’t think I was going to make it out of there alive but, luckily, I did! Woot! I’m still enjoying the ability to run these epic quests solo but I have to admit, I miss the challenge group play provides. (especially when someone else in the group can figure out the darn mirrors) Condi is advancing nicely, however, so it’s an ok trade off.


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