Gwathnor Down!

(click the screenshot to see a larger version of it)

This boss, the final boss for 2.6.8 is a BEAST if you, like me, don’t know the ‘trick’ to taking him down. I struggled with this boss last week, dying every time I attempted him. I could easily get him down from 47,688 health to 15K but that’s when the trouble would start for me. I didn’t see the 100% evade buff on him until I’d died twice. Even when I did finally see the buff, I was too busy dying (going sad?) to find the trick to removing it.

See, when he would get that buff I could no longer damage him. /Doh He puts out so very much fire damage I couldn’t see around us as I was standing right where he was standing. Reason? I didn’t want to fall into another ‘hole’ in the ground and figured he wasn’t about to put one under himself, so … safe zone? I knew, once I noticed the buff, that there had to be a way to remove it. Since that time, I’ve seen him with a 75% evade buff, which comes before the 100% evade one.

My repairs for dying have been around 100 silver each time. I’ve spent almost a gold repairing just on this one instance! Finally, I asked a healer friend to come with me. I was hoping she could keep me alive long enough for me to run around and ‘find the trick’. I warned her that once he had that buff, he’d be hitting me for 1K damage (nice, no? NO!) She was able to keep me healed, however, and find it I did!

He spawns adds, fire grims, and when you kill them the buff is gone. How simple!

I couldn’t see the adds what with all the flames and my names not being on. He falls easily with no buff! I’m happy to report that I conquered my nemesis (not saying he’s a nemesis as I never thought to look at that) and got the Singed cloak (forget which one is the bomb-diggity) and have equipped it as a cosmetic. The cloak I’m wearing for armour is a better cloak stat-wise. I’m glad I figured this out as I have my Lore-Master ready and waiting to get back to work on the Moria epics as I type! Shame it took me so long to figure this one out, though.

Oh, and thanks to Moonsky for keeping me alive! Woot!


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  1. Thanx so much for posting this, I have been trying to kill this boss today and knew there must have been a trick to it πŸ™‚ yours was the best help, thank you πŸ™‚

  2. Glad it helped! Had a heck of a time until I realized there were adds. πŸ™‚

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