Dunedain Radio, awesome launch party!

I’ve been listening to the launch party for the Dunedain Radio on middleearthnetwork.com for the last couple of hours or so and I’m so incredibly impressed, entertained and awestruck at the folks on air! I’d planned on listening for a few weeks and then forgot (/slapshead) about it until I saw a tweet about Sapience being on soon. I’m very glad I tuned in. These guys are a riot and easy to listen to but what made me feel more ‘a part of it’ was hearing familiar voices from podcasts I’ve been listening to for a few months. It was like listening to my extended LotRO family. Way cool!

I play with my ingame sounds off (originally by choice, now by force) so hearing Dunedain Radio in the background as I play is going to rock. I really miss being able to hear the ingame soundtrack and have been wanting that back badly. They’re going to fill that gap well for me and I won’t have to worry about my computer hard crashing. Win win for me! Add to that some of my favorite podcasts will be aired on the station and I’m stoked.

My hats off to the people behind this wonderful extension of a genre I’ve come to love. My first love is, and will always be, mystery/true crime and I never for a second thought I’d enjoy fantasy in any medium. When I listened to one of the ‘beta’ listening parties I knew immediately they were filling a gap I didn’t realize I had. Looking forward to hearing more of what’s in store.

Now if they could just broadcast the secret to getting the boss in 2.6.8 to DIE my Captain would be completed.


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