Spring Festival Shrew Stomping!

I wasn’t really looking forward to the Spring Festival this year as I’d heard there wasn’t anything ‘new’ in it like the last few festivals have had. Still, I knew I had to get the Spring Festival horse on Ranni, my Lore-Master on Crickhollow, as she is my main and has a thing for horses. The horse requires 20 leaves, a race token and a document of mount ownership. I had none of this so I set about doing festival quests to earn enough leaves for the horse. When I found myself in the shrew stomping garden in Dulliond, my first thought was to run back out as stomping a single shrew opens a deed to stomp 160 of them (or so, forget exactly how many). I do not like seeing lingering and unfinished deeds in my deed log and I didn’t think I’d enjoy stomping shrews this year.

I was wrong!

I had a lot of fun stomping shrews when I realized there were quite a few folks there stomping with me. Community, the sense of it, takes this game to a whole new level. That’s why I’m on Crickhollow after all, as Elendilmir seemed to be so empty for too long. Not to say there aren’t some seriously great folks on Big E, as there really are! Things just got too quiet on that server and I went looking for one with a bit more ‘life’. Anyway, I ran through the quests from the ‘Annoyed Gardener’ and various other NPCs there in the garden before taking the shrew quests. I even managed to stomp the big shrew! Quite a feat when you’re in a large crowd.

I can’t say that I’m a huge fan of the look of the new horse but both Rannis (Crickhollow and Big E) have them now. I’m even going to take my ‘new’ Ranni and run her through the Bullroarer challenge in the Shire to get her keg of ale. That is, once I’ve completed my shrew stomping deeds!


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