New skirmish optionals in volume two skirmishes

 I ran my Captain through the Moria epic line tonight, starting with 2.4.7. I am loving that the big ‘fellow’ quests have been made solo-able via Inspired Greatness or skirmishes. I was on to the next big group quest, 2.5.5, in no time. Excited, I jumped right into the skirmishes for this chapter after riding to and talking to the NPC that starts each skirmish. These are so much fun to do for a few reasons. The skirmishes are new and although I enjoy skirmishing, I do get tired of doing the same ones all the time! They feel more purposeful given they are part of the epic book lines and I love that we have new optionals!

If I’d been doing Dark Delvings this guy would have scared me. Luckily, he was an optional in one of the new skirmishes for Volume 2 (Battle in the 21st Hall) in Moria and he fell pretty easily! 

(click the screen shots to enlarge them)

This one I found while doing 2.5.5 The Deep Way. He’s kind of cute and not very powerful, but was fun for a first encounter. I prefer a bit more of a challenge when fighting, especially the optionals, but my challenge tonight was just staying awake. So, challenge met!

I’d planned on taking more screenshots but as I said, I was just too tired tonight. I hope to finish the Moria books soon so they’ll be plenty of other opportunities, especially given my Lore-Master is waiting to do 2.4.7 as well. Till then!

Happy hunting!


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