LotRO: Muscle memory doesn’t always help!

Glitch allowed me to fly, Screenshot above Stock looking towards Bree, LotRO

Above Stock, looking towards Bree

I’m sticking screenshots in this post that have nothing to do with this post. It’s like a story within a story. Almost could call it a ‘nesting post’. (not really) Last weekend on Windfola I was on my horse riding into Bree from Staddle. I passed under the Staddle Gate and started down the ramp, hit a glitch (that dismounted me) and was airborne! I flew to the South Stable Master and then on to Stock before, after waiting for a GM that never answered, relogging so I could reacquaint my feet with the ground. The screenshots in this post were taken during my flight.

I’ve been playing more on Arkenstone to get to know my kinmates now that my old kin made the transfer from Big E to Ark. Going in I only knew two of them (and those two I’ve known since my old Windfola days, *eons* ago). They have a Teamspeak server but I hadn’t installed it until last night. This kin, my old kin, is super quiet, not many people at all, and most don’t look at kinchat. It’s been frustrating, only having one or two people to talk to! Last night I got on voice chat and before I knew it three of us were attempting the Watcher! When the idea came up I knew I wanted to go as I’ve NEVER done that instance. Ever. On any character. I asked if I could bring my level 68 Lore-Master and off we went.

Flying over Breetown LotRO

People, I cleared the top of that building with ease!

We had a level 100 Guardian, 100 Lore-Master and then myself, a 68 Lore-Master. I thought, given their enthusiasm, we had it down. I was right, too, if down could mean I was killed so fast it made my head spin! The first attempt I was two-shotted. The second attempt I was three-shotted. The third attempt I was on my level 85 Captain and lasted a bit longer. After that we put a call out on /World and were joined by a level 100 Warden and a 76 Guardian. After a couple of more attempts we added another level 100 Lore-Master from our kin. Zee Watcher is fierce! He’s also dead now so all is well.

Flying over Bree, headed to Stock, LotRO

Flying to Stock!

After we’d beaten the Watcher I logged back into my Lore-Master to take a good and deep look at her, hoping to see what I’d done wrong. After my first fast-as-lightening death I actually checked to make sure she was wearing armour. She is! It’s the sets from doing SG back in Mirkwood even. Watcher saw my awesome armour and said, “Ohhh, look, a tiny snack!”. Anyway, I have decent armour and jewelry. One of my kinmates did an inspection and said I need a new staff (I don’t know what legacies you want now). My son told me with only three of us I most likely fell so fast due to the Watcher’s amazing tentacle ranged damage. Perhaps. It was soul-crushing to be defeated before I really had a chance to do anything. Anything, like, figure out where my skills were!

Flying over Bree, looking at the Brandywine Bridge, LotRO

The Brandywine bridge is coming up, almost there!

Since undeleting my Lore-Master I’ve done one little quest chain on her. I started in Galtrav (?) and killed my way to the crazy Lore-Master dude who wanted to be the new Saruman. I completed his quest chain and, I think, killed a few boar. That’s it. A friend suggested running Keeper of the Animals trait set and the idea of the skill that brings out all your pets had me intrigued. I’ve yet to use that skill. When I put the points in to set up KoA, my skills changed and rearranged. I found two or three that I recognized as my ‘old mainstays’ and didn’t pay much attention to anything else. That’s what I was doing in the Watcher tonight. Trying to find certain skills AFTER the fight started. I have the muscle memory as my mouse went right to the slots that used to hold those skills. They were just different!

Upward view of my character chilling way above Stock, LotRO

You’d think I’m falling in this screenshot, but, nope. Just chillin’ with the stars.

I switched from KoA to the red line, Master of Nature’s Fury (think that’s what it’s called) right before starting a Dark Delving daily. The idea of dailies for those instances does not sound new to me but I don’t think I’ve ever done one. Some of the group needed a boss there so off we went. The first couple of pulls I didn’t do much because my skills had changed again and I was a little bit lost. Not sure why I hadn’t realized that would happen …. We did get the quest done but it took a couple tries as the boss kept tossing us to our deaths. I think the trait switch zapped some of my morale but by the end of the night I felt a little better about playing with others on my Lore-Master. Next time I log her in she’ll be running skirmishes to relearn how to fight properly! Makes a huge difference when you know where your skills are, let me tell you! I had a blast and since we were on voice there was a good amount of talking, another thing that made a big difference for me. Hopefully it won’t be too long and Condi will finally get her chance to do SG. Still need that for an epilogue.

LotRO: Floundered into a bubble

I was going to start this post off by showing you how I have gobs more play time on Condi, my lvl 85 Captain, than I do on Poldora (Original Ranni, had to change her name), the only character I still have from open beta before Shadows of Angmar released. I logged in to catch the play times and was shocked at what I saw.

Playtime on Condi, LotRO

Condi’s play time


playtime on Original Ranni, LotRO

Poldora’s, (original Ranni), play time

Worth noting, Poldora is, I think, a lvl 67 Lore-Master. I’m not sure why I haven’t put in the leveling time with Poldora that I have with Condi, but the play time is much higher on her because I’ve spent countless hours upon hours helping run lower-leveled content for friends, kinnies and randoms. Like, TONS!

Anyway, my point in all of that was this. I’m not new to the Captain class, persay, but today was the first time I’ve really played her since trait trees came out. And, hoo_boy was it an experience. Take mounted combat … I did okay enough but, honestly, I’m glad no one was around to see me kill the mounted foes I went after. After doing a quest that had me kill five mounted enemies I stopped to read my skill tool tips, wonder where the bubbles came from (have Captains always had bubbles and I just blocked it out???) and then remounted to traverse across the map to my next objective. I was riding along nicely when, suddenly, out of nowhere, I was falling. After what felt like I’d been limping forEVAR I moused over the injury icon and saw I still had 21 seconds of limping left to do. That mountain cliff came out of NO WHERE! Plus, it was night-time and snowing in the Wildermore and I may not have been paying as much attention as I should have been.

Talk about a learning experience!

But, you know, I’ve gotten way ahead of myself here.

A couple of nights ago I was meeting kinnies I didn’t yet know and deeding on a lvl 26 when one of them asked me if I had higher level toons. I told them about Condi and how I’d rage deleted her after trait trees hit but not before trashing all of her belongings. When I got over myself and came back I went to the AH to look for a weapon her level. I found only two, bought them and then put her down because I wasn’t happy with the axe and 1-hander blade I’d bought. One of my kinmates offered to make me a weapon of my choice. I refused for a bit because this predicament was of MY doing and I didn’t have the mats needed to craft a new halberd. Or anything, really. He made me a 2nd age, level 85, halberd that I am VERY happy with and didn’t ask for any mats! How cool was that?

I identified my new shiny and then set out to find the next part of the Epic Condi needed. Between that night and the following morning I bet I put two hours into traipsing back and forth, ALL OVER THE MAP, looking for Horn. I knew I’d finished Volume 3, Book 9 and, last I remembered, Horn was supposed to be at the Entwash crossing. He wasn’t, though, and I could not find him. One of my Twitter friends went to the Epic Book Wiki trying to help me find him to no avail. Want to know why?

Screenshot of the Epics I've finished on my Captain, LotRO

I was looking at the completed quests, specifically the completed Epics, wrong. I had scrolled down to Book 9 and opened it, referenced the Wiki and saw that I had, in fact, completed it. Finally, I found Horn but, (without spoiling it incase there are others, like me, who are seriously behind on all things LotRO), I immediately knew I had a huge gaping hole in the Epic story. I sat for a bit trying to fill in that gap, assuming I’d forgotten some big points, and just couldn’t get it to make sense in my head. Then I noticed the Epic quest I’d picked up when finding Horn was the start to Book 11. The gap I was missing was Book 10!

I was a little frustrated when looking at my completed Epics, A_GAIN, and hit the scroll button on my mouse a little too hard. It scrolled back up to Volume 3, Book 10. Turns out A) I’m an idiot, B) I was needing the fourth chapter to Book 10 since I’d done the first three and C) the completed Epics aren’t necessarily listed in the order completed. Once I had that all sorted and had fessed up to my supreme “doh-ness” to my Twitter friend, I went straight away to Horn. Well, he didn’t pop until I accepted the next quest but I did find him.

I played through the next couple of chapters but, in doing so, I had to stop (before stopping to reacquaint myself with the mounted combat skills) and reorganize my skill toolbars. THEY. WERE. A. MESS!!! Now they’re in a better and more sensical order (to me, anyway) and I actually had fun on Condi. Fun took some serious doing but I’m looking forward to leveling her up now!

Reordered skill bars on my Captain, LotRO

Maybe I’ll even engage in a bit of group content, once I get my bearings and confidence back. Should be fun!


Alphabear bears are funny!

Unicorn Bear from Alphabear

I’ve been playing Alphabear on my phone for a few weeks, off and on, and it took me a couple of weeks playing to find I could go up to another level if I played through and beat the boss levels. Had I realized there WAS a boss level, I would have played through sooner. I R SMART. I love word games but what I enjoy the most from this game are the funny sayings you get when you finish a level. Sometimes they make perfect sense but, mostly, they don’t. Unicorn bear has a strong sarcastic game going on, no?

Ninja bear from Alphabear

I really think Ninja Bear needs to get out more! When you beat a level and get to open an egg (that looks a lot like an almond …..) you either discover a new bear or level up a known bear. The bear you’ve discovered or leveled up then uses words you made during the just played level to shout out a funny bit of chatter to you. Sometimes they even hashtag their bubble quote with nonsensical hashtags, adding to the humor.

Zombie bear of Alphabear

Could this quote from Zombie bear have been more perfect? I think not. I noticed Sunday when I played a couple of levels that the letters ‘w’, ‘o’, ‘r’ and ‘k’ were banned. I hadn’t really paid any attention to the letter rules for each day before so now I’m curious what the rest of the weeks rule-sets are. Though, I’m not sure if it’s a “rule-set” in the true sense of the term as I was able to use the letters. Maybe they just don’t count when tallying up the score? Dunno, but it’s a well done and cute little boredom buster and I’m really liking it!

Witcher Adventure Game and GOG Galaxy

I believe it was a recent Humble sale where I saw the Witcher Adventure Game for $3.99 and, since it’s been on my Steam wish list for a good while now, I bought it. The install was through GOG Galaxy, not Steam as I’d thought. Since I have GOG Galaxy and a few games in my library there, I downloaded and installed the game, eager to give it a go.


The first (two) games I played, it’s not just that I lost them, I honestly didn’t know WHAT I was doing. Horrible fashion were my loses! Embarrassing! That’s when I decided it was time to watch all the tutorial videos and see if I could start piecing it together. The third game I played went much smoother. I still lost, mind you, but I was actually “playing” the game and not just fumbling around wondering what I was supposed to be doing.

I started off playing in offline mode with one person (me, as Geralt) and three computer players on a short game. Triss? Screw her. She freaking leaps ahead all over the board and finishes her (main) quest before you can suss out your side quests. Dandelion has luck on his side, the likes of which I’ve never personally known. Ole’ Yarpen, however, plays at a pace that better fits mine. After I’d watched the tutorials I decided I would have the computer play Yarpen and wouldn’t even fool with Triss the port-loving trickster or Dandelion. Although the game went better, I was still a bit frustrated with my limited knowledge on how to play (to win).

Or perhaps I should fess up and say ‘to play’ period. Cards games like this one aren’t really my thing. Uno and Skipbo, to name a couple, are what I think of when I think ‘card game’. Strategy adventure board/card games? Haven’t ever played any outside of Gwent in Witcher 3. I wanted to come clean both for honesty’s sake and to hopefully explain why the game was so confusing when I first started.

I fired up Galaxy again last night in hopes of not only learning more about the game but, well, I WANT TO WIN! I remembered everything I’d learned from the night before, applied it well enough to figure out a few more bits (like, Development cards need to be charged, something Geralt does with the “Brew” action) and turned my game around enough for this to happen.

Game over, Geralt won screen from Witcher Adventure Game

I won! Do I rock or what? (Don’t answer that…)

I am really starting to like this game. The music is exactly what I’d expect having played Witcher 3 (not finished, not even close). I recognize some of the lore in the card game from the series games, same with the monsters you have to fight. The quests take you all over the map and you run into very similar situations (and people!) from the series games. My Geralt of Rivia went to Rivia even. Tres cool! The board itself is beautifully done and the games don’t take too long to finish, especially if you’re allowing Triss some action. (&^%#)

If you’re interested in the game it’s currently cheaper on GOG Galaxy than Steam, as of this posting. Speaking of Galaxy, if you have the client and want a friend, ADD ME. I have exactly zero friends there and as much as that doesn’t matter, I feel all sorts of alone not seeing what games my friends are playing. I don’t know how to change my name there to something more recognizable so you’ll have to search for me as “N0NAME28” (<—- the ‘0’ is a zero, not the letter). My avatar picture is the same one I use on Twitter and for the flavicon on this blog.

Anyway, whether Galaxy and or board games do it for you or not, may the gaming ghods reign time for you this week!



Bit of a rant on Steam via Let the Cat in

Saw this F2P game, Let the Cat in, on Steam and clicked to see what it was about. The trailer video has me wondering who on earth thought that was the way to go to promote their game, the game I’m assuming they worked hard on. It did nothing for me, really, to make me want to see what this game was about. After looking through the screenshots I get it. The old lady dancing and “talking” in the trailer is supposed to be the cat lady in the game. I suppose, after looking at the screenshots, the trailer fits the game okay enough but that’s not evident, or wasn’t to me, at first.

I saw the reviews were “Very Positive” so I scrolled down the page to see what people had to say. You know, sometimes it’s hard to take reviews seriously. Perhaps there’s a bug with the reviewers ‘time played’ being logged and or shown correctly, but it looks a bit suspicious when you see a bunch of positive reviews coming from people who spent 0.2 hours actually playing the game. That’s more of a general statement in regards to game reviews on Steam than just on this particular game, something I probably should have stated first, no?

So the reviews aren’t very helpful for this game in general and make me wonder if folks just want to see their name on a store page. Still, I want to know more about the game so I decide to check the user tags.

Let the Cat in user-defined tags on Steam

Um, what? I thought this was supposed to be a cute little puzzle game with lots of cats? This game was picked by the community via the Steam Greenlight program, yet, I dunno. I’m scratching my head here. Are we, (that’s an in general ‘we’) just making fun of the game? Do we really hate it and hate that we downloaded it and so are hoping to snare other people into giving it a go, too, in that ‘here, come be stupid like me’ ‘misery loves company’ kind of way? Do we just not care anymore and are expressing our right to look like idiots online? Or does this cute little puzzle game with cats really have nudity, gore and psychological horror?

I should just download the game, give it a go and see for myself. Right? (Once I logged into Steam the game was not in the ‘recommended for you’ section … that’s probably even more telling than the store page.) I will say this: I’m just as curious to play this game as I am to understand why people write flippant reviews and pin weird tags on game store pages. Is there no “pick from a list and if X-number of people agree with you this tag will show” thing?

Going to go see if I can let the cat in.

In the interest of full disclosure ….

Screenshot showing I played Let the Cat in for 7 minutes via Steam

It only took a few minutes for me to TOTALLY get some of those previously-referred-to-as ‘flippant’ reviews. I still do not understand some of the user-defined tags on the store page, nor do I understand why that’s possible, unless there really is a naked cat (please don’t be the old lady) at some point in the game. I usually tend to like puzzle games but this one isn’t my cup of tea. Maybe it’s yours? If you see horror (I don’t count that whiny meowing as horror), let me know!


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