LotRO: Moving day, taking stock

Transfers between the servers to remain open were started up again for another test run to see how things fared. I took advantage and moved quite a few characters from Landroval to Arkenstone, then decided I’m enjoying my Windfola Minstrel so much I wanted to Undelete Millee, an old Hobbit Minstrel I had a few years ago. Getting Millee back felt like Christmas. I’ve missed my cute little Hobbit! It also caused me to take serious stock of my characters.

Character sheet, LotRO

I noticed her health was awfully low for a level 66 so I opened her paper doll to see what was up with her stats. I found I’d gotten rid of all her gear, leaving her with little more than a few weapons she couldn’t use, area maps and some type of potion. I quickly jumped on a tailor and crafted her a set of armour, most of which didn’t crit, and then hit the auction house for jewelry and weapons. I was thinking that because she was a Tinker she could make her own but I couldn’t find the ingredients I needed on the AH. Matter of fact, the pick of on-level baubles was hugely lacking  so I did the best I could and kitted her out. Seeing how much wasn’t offered on the Arkenstone AH made me take a good look at each of my characters, specifically, their chosen crafts. Know what I found?

I had an army of Explorers.

Like, almost nothing but Explorers.

Some of my characters were created just to go fool around on with no real desire to level them up much. I assume that’s why I made them Explorers? I grabbed a notebook and made a list of who was what and what they could do as I visited the Master of Apprentices with each character and made revisions that would impact their abilities the least. One did lose progress in two areas but only one character. The rest only lost in one profession. I then rooted through everyone’s bags and vaults to scrounge up enough crafting materials to level up each of the new professions through Expert, a plus to having so many Explorers.

I really want to join an active, fun and casual kin but, at the same time, I don’t want to get to a point where I feel too obligated again. So I made a kin for my characters, House of Sam, and will see if I’m happy with that or need more interaction at a later date. If I didn’t prefer to see my name in blue (cyan?) I wouldn’t have bothered with the kin! It’s a vanity thing. I guess.

The transfers from Landroval to Arkenstone were smooth, instant and without a hitch, all but one from my 2nd account (took three tries to get it to work). I’m anxious about moving my Windfola Minstrel. I know *exactly* what I want to do but I’m not sure I’ll be happy about that in the long run. I really enjoy playing her and want to see her hit cap but the server I plan on moving her to, I haven’t had the best experiences there so far. For now, she’s having fun reliving the Lonelands on Windfola, even if it is the loneliest she’s ever seen them, and aiming for level 30. Should reach that the next time I play her.

Lonelands, Ost Guruth, LotRO


LotRO: Of Windfola

I logged into my Windfola Ranni a few days ago and opened the server merge box to find the title selection gift. Windfola was my home server for a long time so, of course, I went with Ranni, Of Windfola. Playing on Windfola again has brought back so many fond memories I have a smile plastered on my face the entire time I’m running about questing. One memory, for instance, came flooding back thanks to my grand-daughter. I was cooking supper one night in open beta (SoA) while working the Midgewater Marshes area. I asked my (then) rather young daughter to watch Ranni while I tended to the stove. I instructed her to press and hold the “Up” arrow should anything try and hit Ranni. She decided to ‘help’ me by trying to fight a neeker. I lost my first “Undying” title to a neeker-breeker in the Marshes that evening! Boo, my grand-daughter, did the same thing to this Ranni a couple of weeks ago. I was outside when she decided to “play” my game. I think this Ranni was killed by a spider but it was VERY near to the exact spot original Ranni died to a neeker. I rerolled this Ranni and changed her to a Minstrel (best decision I’ve made in a while!!!) and earned the “Undying” title by making sure Boo was with me when I was AFK in LotRO.


I couple of nights ago I was searching for a childhood picture when I found a slew of screenshots from my first days on Windfola. Since I’d not been long having donned the title “Of Windfola” I thought a post highlighting a few was fitting.

LoreMaster Bear pet swimming high up in the air inside a dwelling in LotRO

Pathing was a thing to behold back in these days! I often found other people stopping to stare when I took my bear, Frogbiter, indoors. Got a lot of tells asking what on earth was going on as well from many of those folks, tells that sometimes led to friendship and fellowing up later on. We were never really sure if Frogbiter was swimming in the air or doing interpretive ballet. Either way, it was hilarious!


LoreMaster pet bear, sitting and chilling high up in a tree in LotRO

I have so many screenshots of Frogbiter in odd places. SO. MANY! Speaking of crazy acts of Lore-Master pets, he earned his name in the Midgewater Marshes. I was fighting a mess of goblins (back when killing a goblin did NOT stop them taunting you), near death might I add, when I noticed my stupid bear had abandoned me mid-fight to go and kill a frog. A level 1 non-attacking-completely-defenseless-there-for-ambience frog. Back to the screenshot, Maladen was the best Captain I’ve ever played with to date! He was on an alt in this screenie but I wanted to point him out because he is who I patterned my Captain, Condi, after.

/Swordsalute to Bulwyfe!


A fell scrying pool, the way we used to switch to our creep characters in LotRO

I had completely forgotten we used to have to use Fell Scrying Pools to switch to our Creep characters. I spent MONTHS and months in the ‘Moors on Windfola, almost exclusively. I had left The WATCH kin and joined the Pathfinders. The Pathfinders were fun but our leader left the game and took most of the kin with him to play, IIRC, the AoC beta. It was a heartbreaking event and I decided to try a Creep as they were brand new and give the kin time to sort itself out. Months later I was asked to come back Freepside and help keep the kin from completely falling apart, which is what led to me becoming kin leader of the Pathfinders. That, in turn, led to some of the BEST memories I’ve ever had in any game, period. We were small and struggled doing bigger end-game content so I reached out to a few friends and we started the Alliance on Windfola, a way for smaller kins to connect, raid and have fun together.


Standing inside a giant troll in the Ettenmoors, trying to 'hide', in LotRO

This is me on my Black Arrow “hiding” in a Troll’s butt. This worked rather well for a bit until Hunters were able to ‘track’ us and, well, I died in that Troll’s butt. The first time it happened I was shocked to find myself defeated. I wish I could remember the name of the Hunter that killed me! I do remember it was a Hunter none of us liked as Creeps (he was rather powerful and friends with a dastardly Burg) and when I said something about it in OOC, I was told to consider myself ‘initiated’. I miss those days in the ‘Moors!


Raid dead on a ramp in Helegrod

Speaking of the Alliance, this was our first ‘test’ run together. We had no aspirations of beating Helegrod when we decided to give this a go, rather, we wanted to do something fun and get to know each other better. Our raid leader gave us strict instructions not to step off the ramp else we’d pull something that would wipe the raid. Then he accidentally went to far and wiped the raid. I remember being told to put Frogbiter up while we were going to the ramp. Frogbiter was known far and wide for wiping entire groups, even when I was AFK and he was set to ‘Passive’ and ‘only attack what I attack’. I was so glad I had, indeed, put my bear up. I’m absolutely positive Frogbiter would have taken the initial blame for this wipe!


Chickens and helper people in Archet, LotRO

This was a fun event! Our kin decided to get our ‘Cheep’ on and run to Bree from the Shire as Chickens. We stopped along the way anytime we saw groups of people and jumped around for them, posed for screenshots on the Boar Fountain and then decided to continue on to Archet and see if we could fight a wolf. We attracted the attention of another kin in Bree (can’t remember their name!). This kin followed us to Archet to make sure were safe … which meant they killed every wolf we tried to attack until one of our kinsmen was able to relay the message to them that we were attacking the wolves on purpose. Honestly, I don’t remember if we were able to kill any wolves, I just remember laughing! Lots of laughing on Vent as well as from my kids who were watching this happen. I wish we’d done this more often!

So many memories of my days on Windfola. My favorite zone back then was, believe it or not, Angmar. I’ve since found my enjoyment of that map came from the people I was with back then. I don’t mind Angmar now, it’s just not as fun as it was back on Windfola. We practically lived in Carn Dum for the longest time. Still, hands down, my favorite dungeon in the game!




LotRO: Undeleted Condi. Now what??

Condi, my LotRO Captain

Old picture of Condi but still one of my favs!

I took use of the Undelete premium feature to undelete a few of my characters I’d rage-deleted some time ago. Some were done two years ago and are back in game and all just as I left them. The one I was most excited to have back was my Captain, Condi. She’s an 85 and still homed in to Hytbold. I logged her in to check her out and see what was what. Know what I found?

She had no weapon. Period. Just a maxed legendary class item and, of course, her war-steed. No two-handed great sword or halberd to be found. Because I deleted them before deleting her since, at the time, she was dead to me. And yes, I feel a little silly for doing so now.

I mapped around to a few places looking for someone to barter for a weapon. I know there should be someone in Moria but I’m assuming those weapons would be on-level with the area and I wanted one her level, or close. I wound up going to the AH and bought a (one-handed) sword and an axe. I don’t like them but they were the only two Captain weapons listed, save for the 110 gold one that I could *nevah* afford. Currently, Condi has just under two gold, mostly due to the Hobbit lottery thing.

When I delete a character one of the last things I do is giveaway all the gold they have. I go to Bree and look for people helping others out and make donations to them. I bought some kin a kinhouse on Crickhollow years ago after watching them go out of their way to help new people in Bree. When I logged this Condi back in, I’d forgotten about that but given how easy it is to make dosh at higher levels, it’s no biggie. The weapon, that’s half of the big thing that’s hindering her right now.

The other half is that I do NOT know where to go with her! It’s been so long since I’ve played her (deleted her when trait-trees were added) that I’ve no idea where to pick up the Epic or even to go quest. I figure I’ll find Captain weapon/class drops as I play her but in trying to decide where she needs to go next, I found myself overwhelmed so I logged out of Landroval and into Arkenstone to play my little Hunter instead. The only quest Condi has is out of Hytbold where you do five quests to help whichever peoples it’s asking you to. I’m at 2/5 on that but I have Hytbold built. It’s a rather lively place with NPCs everywhere. Maybe Wildermore is next? Think I went there once but didn’t stay, though I don’t remember why.

Condi is lost. Just lost. And it’s turned my extreme and over-excitement into frustration. Suppose I will hit up the Epic wiki and compare it to what she’s completed to find out what’s next. It doesn’t feel like it’s been that long since I played a high level toon but, ugh. Guess it has!

ACNL: The cicadas are killing it for me!

(This is a bit ranty.)

A couple of weeks ago I was sitting outside on my porch when my son asked me why I wasn’t playing Animal Crossing:New Leaf as much anymore. I ranted in reply about what’s killing the game for me, cicadas. I detest them. The sounds they make drive me up a wall and down again. They’re obnoxiously loud, unrelenting and so annoying the very first split second of that awful noise they make gets on my last nerve, and jumps. HARD! I hate them. They’re everywhere in my village because it’s summer time in game and I can’t escape them unless I stay inside.

And that’s no fun.

I ended my rant by saying “… they should all go die in a freaking fire!” and, I kid you not, that was the exact moment a stupid cicada on one of the trees by the porch started up. My son found this funny. I asked for a flame thrower to take care of the problem. I can’t stand them!

I was so excited for summer in game. New bugs and fish to catch, the bushes I’d bought on the island (and from the garden shop) would bloom, the Bug-off, fireworks, all this cool stuff I’d read about was about to happen. I wanted to experience it all! But, the cicadas won’t SHUT UP! There’s six types of cicada in game and I hurriedly caught them all hoping they wouldn’t be as loud and, if I was lucky, could fade into background noise rather than alert every planet out there of their presence. Catching them doesn’t lower the noise level, though. Nope.

They. Just. Keep. Going.

I’ve gone from playing every single day to maybe twice a week. Used to I found all my fossils, ore rock, participated in every event (Redd, Gulliver, festivals, ……), shopped and talked to each of my residents daily. I was on the look out for the last two pieces to the collections I’m working on. I fished, picked fruit and made special trips to the island to earn money for town improvement projects. It was fun and I looked forward to it, never tiring of it. I was bound and determined I’d catch both the tarantula and scorpion before summer was out, rather than face-planting from their poisonous stings and bites. Now I don’t care if I ever finish the insect collection because CICADAS!

I really hope they’re gone soon. I miss Chicago and Tex, my neighbor. Tex the penguin is the only resident I won’t let move out. Though, not playing every day, I may fire up the game one day to find an empty plot next to my house. If that happens I will blame the cicadas for harassment and kidnapping.

I hate those things!

LotRO: Back in, establishing characters and loving it!

Puppies found in Ellie Cutleaf's house LOTRO

I stopped playing LotRO (or, really, any game with TONS of reading) for a while when my good eye started going ‘bad’. It was a temporary thing, luckily, and I’ve regained most of that sight in my good eye back. I’ve been itching to play LotRO again, namely my Beorning, but hadn’t found time to do so. When the news of which servers were closing and which weren’t hit, I immediately knew two things. One being that I was at the point of craving LotRO time again and, two, that server consolidation should mean re-populated and re-energized worlds to play on. That, the idea of seeing lots more folks playing when I’m ingame, excites me to no end! I mostly solo-play but I like doing this in well populated areas as it allows me to people watch. Seeing others enjoy the game while I’m playing, knowing they have a connection to Middle Earth as well, it makes me feel good. A common and shared bond with others, so to speak.

I want to be able to server-hop between the five remaining US worlds and experience each ‘new’ community.

So I created a character on the other four servers that made the cut (my main server is Landroval) and started running these characters through the intro. My first goal is to get them each to level 20 and start skirmishes with them, then decide what to do next. So far the only one I’ve gotten to 20 is a minstrel but I’m working on it.

I don’t have my name on any server (of the ones that made the cut) other than Arkenstone. I reserved the name “Ranni” the first day servers were added after closed beta, and then on the newest ones when they added a few more. A year or two back I deleted all those name-holders thinking ‘I’ll never have characters on all servers’ and now, well, now I want a “Ranni” on Brandywine, Crickhollow, Gladden and Landroval. Really wishing I hadn’t deleted those toons now, but, what can I do? I think the person who has a “Ranni” on Landy may still be playing their character but I’m not sure about the others. I have my name on Windfola and I’m hoping to move that character to a server and be able to keep the name. We’ll see.

The announcement wasn’t just met with anticipatory joy but also with nostalgia. Windfola, my first ‘home’ server, is closing. My second home was Big E, a server that was ON FIRE with spirit and excitement when I played there. Reading it was closing hit me with shock if I’m honest. Hard to believe a server so incredible, entertaining and full of memories is getting the chop! I fell for Big E so hard I brought quite a few friends with me there from Windfola. I love Landroval, really do, and it feels like home now. But it’s no Elendilmir. There’s a great sense of community on Landroval, one that’s infectious and fun, cute and sincere all rolled into one. It doesn’t have that ‘family-feel’ that Big E did, though. I don’t know how to describe what I’m trying to say here so if that made no sense, sorry.

By the way, if you’re wondering why I left Big E for Landroval, CSTM. It was the fellowship walk. I was on a break and came back to LotRO just for the walk and found out how different Landroval was compared to all the other servers. I decided to stay.

Anyway, I’m back to playing again, am establishing characters on each server so I can play EVERYWHERE and having a blast. My level of excitement for the server merging ranks up there with a kid in December, really. I’m sure it’s going to be a bumpy ride but I can’t wait to see it out! Oh, and although my Beorning was calling my name, I’ve only done one quest with her so far. I’ll get to her, soonish.


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