Giveaway: Skyrim, Legendary Edition

Skyrim Legendary Edition

A year ago I gave away a copy of Skyrim and since I had the Legendary Edition in my inventory I thought I’d repeat the giveaway. Sound good? Here’s what the Steam store page says about the game.

Winner of more than 200 Game of the Year awards, experience the complete Skyrim collection with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim® Legendary Edition. The Legendary Edition includes the original critically-acclaimed game, official add-ons – Dawnguard™, Hearthfire™, and Dragonborn™ – and added features like combat cameras, mounted combat, Legendary difficulty mode for hardcore players, and Legendary skills – enabling you to master every perk and level up your skills infinitely.

Pretty sweet, no?

Let’s get right to it.

So how does this giveaway work?

  • You have to have Steam to play the game as I’ll be gifting the winner the game through Steam. There will be instructions in the email explaining how to download Steam in case you don’t have it already. Steam is a free download.
  • The winner will have to use a valid email address when commenting (not IN the comment itself, just in the input box you have to fill out TO comment so it’s kept private) so I can send the download link for the game. I won’t sell or give your email address to anyone, promise. If you’re signed in to WordPress when you comment make sure the email associated with your WordPress profile is a valid one that you can check.
  • You have to leave a comment on this post in order for me to enter you into a random draw to win the game.
  • Oh, and you need an internet connection to download the game.

– You don’t have to be my Steam friend in order for me to gift the game to you because Steam allows for people to send gifts to email addresses, not just through the client. If you want to add me as a Steam friend, that’s cool. Not required though.

– I will assign each person who comments a number and then enter the numbers in a Random Number Generator to determine the winner. Multiple comments from the same person won’t increase your chances of winning. In other words, if you comment 187 times you’re still only getting one entry number assigned to you.

This giveaway starts as soon as I publish this post Tuesday (03/03/15) and runs through Saturday night (Midnight CST 03/07/15  ). I will then use the RNG linked above to draw a winner. I’ll email the winner on Sunday and if I haven’t heard from them by Monday night I’ll draw for a new winner on Tuesday. Sound fair?

Comment below for a chance to win. Best of luck!

LotRO: That was quick!

LotRO lvl 90 raid boss in Forochel

While leveling in Forochel this gigantic lvl 90 boss appeared in front of me so I decided to see how close I could get before it aggro’d on my little lvl 43 Beorning. Turns out I was able to stand RIGHT beside this beast as if we were buds! When I first saw him I was fighting something, probably a big cat and just knew he was going to charge and kill me. I was careful not to use my AoE skill, however, and he just moseyed along as if I wasn’t even there. Which is what led me to wondering how close I could get. Which, in turn, is what led to this.

LotRO one-shot death

I must have stepped on his tusk as I tried to run off. I didn’t make it two seconds away from him before he one-stomped me to death. Or shot. Or tusked. Happened so fast I’ve no idea what evil method he used to send me to the rezz circle. Maybe he was upset I didn’t ask for his autograph when I took his picture? The ego!

I wanted to get to level 45 so I could pick back up with the Angmar Epic, the one that takes me to Carn Dum. I worked hard at that this weekend, also hoping to score a loot box. I did not get a loot box to drop but I did get a sturdy key. I also hit level 45 and ran to talk to Lorinel in Gath Forthnir again so I could continue my Epic journey. I’d meant to get my first legendary before heading to Angmar but I forgot and since I’m not parked in front of Skorgim’s Tomb I suppose it can wait until I finish up in Thorins.

Speaking of, the craziest thing happened when I went to talk to Dwalin.

LotRO Thorin's Hall

I turned to run back down the ramp and looked out at the empty Thorin’s Hall. Suddenly I remembered sparring in the corner off to the right. I remembered crafting in groups in Thorin’s because of easy access to our vaults. I remembered being in a HUGE crowd of people on one of several layers fighting random ‘end of beta’ like boss mobs in the foyer area. I remembered fishing with friends in Thorin’s, each of us complaining that looking at the water while fishing made us light-headed. So very many memories hit all at once and, before I knew it, I was sad. Like, maybe my eyes were a little wet, kind of like they might be now as I write this.

I miss my friends, my kin-mates, those times.

Anyway, I didn’t linger too long because I was excited to get back to the Epics. Next time I go in I hope to finish this book and the next. It’s just getting to the good stuff!

LotRO: Deed poll results surprised me!

Deed poll results (lotro)

Click to make this bigger


A week ago I asked you guys why you deed in LotRO. I allowed for multiple answers in the poll and assumed the answer that would get the fewest votes was “You’re a completionist”. That choice came in second! You guys have blown my mind (in a good way). I thought the top two choices would be “Virtues” and “Turbine Points”. While “Virtues” was the most voted on “Turbine Points” came in third, followed by “Reputation”, “Boredom”, “I don’t really *do* deeds” and “Skirmish Marks”. I wish I’d also added a choice for gold as you can make pretty good bank deeding!

Since the completionist answer shocked me I’m thinking of making another poll. Color me intrigued but I really want to know how far the completionist goes in you guys. In my head I absolutely am a completionist and it bugs me greatly that I never finish them all. I’ve come close to having an empty deed log before but, so far, it’s escaped my grasp. Maybe one day …

I’ll look around and see if I can come up with the right/best way to do a poll on being a completionist (for deeds) and if I feel it’s ‘complete‘ enough, I’ll post it next week. :)

You guys rock! Thanks so much for obliging me on this poll!

ACNL: Feng Shui my butt!

Animal Crossing New Leaf house arrangement


Today was fruit picking day in ACNL for me. I’ve been waiting to pick until all the trees were ready, which was yesterday, but I gave it one more day to make sure. I could gather all the fruits on the same day. I gathered everything except for the beach trees, bananas and coconuts. When I went down the ramp to one of my beaches I started running to get to the end as I like to start at a ‘beginning’ and work my way up. I saw Gulliver asleep on the shore and decided I’d get to him after I’d collected the fruits. As I ran past him I tripped and face planted in the sand.

Oh, I thought, I guess I have to talk to him as soon as I see him.

I woke him up (Good LORD does it take forever to wake him!) and helped him remember he’d been heading towards Greece. Then I started running again. I tripped and face planted right before getting to the end of my beach, and then a few more times before I was done with all of the fruit gathering. Weird, I thought, something must be wrong! So I hit Google to see what was up.

Turns out my physical luck was bad but, never fear, there’s a way to improve it! Feng Shui to the rescue!

This game is crazy! I had no idea you could use Feng Shui to improve the different types of luck (that, by the way, are randomized at the start of each day) you use. Green items help with physical luck (mosquito bites, ability to get away from bees, tripping and face planting while you run, …). Red items help improve your chances of finding items (furniture that drops for trees, for instance) and yellow items help your luck on the bells (money) front. Not every item corresponds to a color used by the Feng Shui system and, apparently, where you get the item makes a difference. The Wario hat I’m sporting in the above screen shot was a purchase I made from the Able Sisters clothing shop. It’s yellow but, according to the chart linked above, doesn’t count. Had I gotten the Wario Hat from a fortune cookie it would absolutely count as a yellow decoration to help improve my bell luck.


Anyway. I cross-referenced everything I had in storage against the charts (above link) and used what I had to Feng Shui myself out of the embarrassing face-planting I’d been doing. DID. NOT. HELP! I even had a resident come talk to me to warn me it was dark and I needed to be careful, to watch where I was going. Haha, Nintendo. Thanks for that.

I also came across an article (somewhere, closed that tab hours ago) about the catalog system. Apparently you can earn medals based on your pack-rattery, something I’m failing at as I use items I consider dumb or worthless drops as presents in mail when I send my weekly mails to every resident. Oh wells. I have earned a few badges, the first one being the Fish Maniac badge.

Animal Crossing New Leaf Fish Maniac badge

I can’t remember what the others were for at the moment and since my DS is charging (was a blinkin’ red on me!) I’ll have to wait and find out later. There’s still so much I’m learning about this game, ironic given I honestly thought it was just a simple little time-waster. I had no idea how complex the game was! Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to run around to my lil’ hearts content without face fulls of dirt every few steps.

/Crossing my feng-shui-ers (I know, that was bad, wasn’t it?)


You only get one you. Rock it.

Spock, LLAP

Growing up I wasn’t a fan of Star Trek:TOS but I did like Spock and Scotty. Spock was the weirdest thing I’d seen on TV, up to that point, but that didn’t seem to bother any one more so than make the team better. He stood out, apart from the rest, to me, something I felt I did around others. He was one of the first characters to start making feel like it was okay to be me, even if “me” was different.

I was sat in the back of class for many years at school and given work that no one else had. The teacher taught the class while I did my work. I didn’t have a group of kids to join with the reading circles or group projects much at all because I was considered advanced. When I was done with my work I tutored classmates who needed help. Every year I received a slew of teacher valentine’s cards because they said I was like a teacher. Some even went as far as telling me I wasn’t one of them. I didn’t feel that I fit in at home either. So seeing someone rock the ‘different’ like Spock did, it left an impression on me that I still feel to this day.

Leonard Nimoy lived his life in a way that celebrated the idea that it was a great thing to be you. That’s a lesson many of us can take to heart and my biggest draw from him still. What a legacy to leave behind!

RIP Leonard Nimoy.


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