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Monday Moaning: No Babysitter, gold spammers and LONG queues!

Short list at the top, expanded at the bottom.

  1. Sims 4 does not have a babysitter option!
  2. ArcheAge is FULL of gold spammer spam!
  3. The server queues in ArcheAge are in_freaking_sane.
  4. Playing Farming Simulator 2013 gave me buyers remorse.
  5. Playing VVVVVV makes me rage quit!


1. My sim in Sims 4 finally found a guy, worked her buns off to build a relationship with him and eloped at home. They didn’t take too long to get pregnant! Baby has been born and I had one of them call for a sitter as they were both exhausted, thinking that would allow them a good night of sleep. THERE’S NO BABYSITTER OPTION! I may have known this but if so, I completely forgot. The service call for a repairman is gone as well but, so far, my sim family has been able to take care of all repairs needed without too much fuss. I’ve relied so heavily on babysitters, for years now, I’m not quite sure what to expect.

2. The gold spammers in ArcheAge are relentless! It’s hard to keep up with chat there are so many and adding them to my block list feels pointless. Seems like every time I add one or two four more pop up in their place. Is there nothing Trion can do to stop this? LotRO had a similar problem many moons ago but I don’t remember it being this bad. I hope that as I level and move on to different areas the spam will cease, or, at least, lessen. By a ton.

3. I am enjoying ArcheAge when I get to play, far more than I thought I would. It’s getting in to play, however, that sucks donkey nuts! I loaded the game several times over the weekend and found myself in line behind thousands of other players. I never waited it out, just figured I’d try and get some play time in during the mornings this week. Hopefully the queues won’t be so bad then. I can understand not wanting to add to many servers and imagine it won’t be too much longer before some folks move on. Still. Wow!

4. I am far too concerned with nice neat straight lines in my fields to find Farming Simulator 2013 relaxing. I can’t drive the machinery in a straight line to save my life! The tablet in game that contains all the information you need, like weather reports and the price grain is selling for, is a very cool feature. The font size, however, is too tiny! I didn’t see an option to change the text size but I’d like to think I overlooked it. Also, there’s a LOT of reading to be a farmer! In this game anyway. Then there are the objectives. I can’t find the darn places I’m supposed to be in time to get paid for doing the extra jobs. THAT. IS. NOT. FUN! I don’t know if I’m missing something or what. Just, insane!

5. VVVVVV is a retro platformer where gravity has been reversed, meaning you don’t jump over obstacles but instead switch gravity to get by them, as you make your way through rooms full of dangerous spikes (can be found on the floor, walls, ceilings and all in the same room!). It’s been awhile since I played this so I don’t remember exactly which room it was that nearly caused me to blow my gasket. I just remember hollering ugly words as I slammed my hand on my desk before walking away from my computer for the evening. It’s the kind of game that, when you DO complete getting through it, you probably feel AWESOME! Like, you ‘seriously achieved’ awesome.

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Sims 4: Reading on the potty

Sims 4 sim reading while on the toilet

If you could do this in Sims 3 I missed out on that. My sim needed to pee so I instructed her to do so thinking she’d put her book away before heading into the bathroom. I was all kinds of excited to see her reading while she took care of business!

Sims 4 is different and some of those differences will take getting used to! Like the camera controls. I miss the directional arrows on the UI to turn your view and after changing my view around by right-clicking and dragging the screen enough, I try right-clicking on objects to instruct my sim and wind up centering the screen. Repeatedly! Also, it takes a LOT longer to eat in Sims 4 than in previous Sims games yet you can sit down and right a book in NO time! Haha, but odd! The outfit system is giving me fits. When I created my sim in CAS I made outfits for each category: every day, athletic, formal, pajamas and party. Somehow I goofed on the every day outfit(s) and now when my sim goes to work she morphs into a completely different person (looks that way). Here, I’ll show you.

Sims 4, every day looks

The one on the left is the one I created while the one on the right was the default look I was given when creating my sim. How’d I keep that AND the one I created? ‘Tis weird and frustrating! I make her change outfits every day when she gets home from work because I do not like that default look. Not sure how to fix it.

Another thing that takes longer is building relationships. You really have to work at it, you can’t just tell a joke or two and flirt your way into matrimony anymore! Do too much from the “Romance” tab in chat and you’ll turn them off, least, my sim has. She does have a love interest now and the pink ‘love’ meter (not sure what it’s called) is halfway up. It’s easier to get that one up than the friendship one for this couple. Hopefully they’ll be married soonish.

I’m enjoying this game tremendously and am so glad my husband surprised me with it. Hoping to get lots of sim time in today!

Sims 4: I HAS IT!

Sims 4 premium edition

OMGOMGOMG! My husband surprised me with this today and made me cry (’cause, he’s awesome and I’ve been wanting this game HARD!). I’ve taken the plastic off but haven’t opened it yet. About to do that now. WOOT!

Update on the Dragon Age: Origins, Ultimate Edition giveaway

Dragon Age Origins, dog giving my warden a pair of dirty pantaloons


Congratulations, steinerdavion! Now you, too, can get a pair of dirty pantaloons!

I’m still working my way through the DLC (playing Awakening currently) and as eager as I am to start Dragon Age II, I don’t want Origins to end. So I’m not rushing it! I have a couple of my kids interesting in playing now as well. Would make awesome Christmas gifts, no? Football (NFL) is back so my play time this weekend will be cut short so I can watch the Broncos beat the Colts tonight. Will get back to DA soon!

Dragon Age Map

Dragon Age world map

I told Mike, my husband, that I’d been looking for a map of the Dragon Age world for my office. I love maps, love Dragon Age and I wanted it so badly I told him that’s what I wanted him to get me for Christmas. I’d been looking myself, unsuccessfully, for a couple of days and hoped he could work his special magic and find one. I kid you not, not even twenty minutes later he was asking if ‘this’ was what I wanted. I don’t know how he does that, finding all sorts of everything imaginable, but he does! This is a silk screen map that’s 24″ by (I don’t remember). It’s the same size as my Hobbit movie poster and it’s gorgeous! I hadn’t realized the world was as big as it is! SO happy with this map!


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