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Dragon Age 2 is MINE!

Dragon Age 2 in the box

I found Dragon Age 2 on Amazon for $8-9 and ordered it Monday. I HAS IT NOW! I’m not ready to play it but that doesn’t diminish my excitement, not even a little. I’m running around in Dragon Age: Origins turning in a lot of side quests, finding new side quests I hadn’t seen before, and hoping I made the choices that will cause my play through to play out the way I want. Or, at least, as close to that as I can get. I can already tell Origins will not end the way I would have scripted but it should still be interesting.

I was looking up info for a quest that had me stumped when I saw a HUMONGO spoiler. I know the game is old, released years ago, but I still wanted to scream and smack something when I saw that spoiler. On the other hand, seeing it allowed me to make certain decisions that, hopefully, will pay off in terms of what I’d like to see happen. If that makes sense.

Dragon Age Origins booby beast thing

I have no reason for uploading this screenshot, above, other than … WOW. I fought this thing (forget her name) a few nights ago and still think she’s the ugliest thing I’ve seen in the entire game. Like, holy wowzers ugly.

You’re welcome.

Anyway, I don’t know how much playtime I have until Dragon Age: Origins wraps up but I fear I’m close to the end of it and that’s probably why I’ve slowed down a bit, working side quests, so I can savor the game a bit longer. Last night I decided chores were worthless and loaded the game up several hours earlier than I normally would. Looking for a repeat tonight. Wish me luck with that!

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Tried the new “easier way to create on WordPress.com” yet?

I had a post idea in mind when I got here but I saw the blurb about the new posting editor and switched over to it. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been using the other for so many years or what but … weird. Wow. Not sure I like it yet. And it’s completely blanked my mind.

Gonna take some getting used to.

I’ve never been that fond of change as a general rule. I think that’s why I stuck with LotRO so long rather than trying other MMOs or time-consuming games. Even when all of my friends were gone from LotRO, I hung on for as long as I could. Change can be a scary thing, no?

That said, I’ve had a surprising and HUGE amount of fun this year playing other games, like Dragon Age and Bioshock Infinite. Games on my list to play soon on my PC, in no particular order (because I haven’t decided for sure which is next) are Dragon Age 2, The Witcher 2, Dishonored, Dues Ex: Human Revolution, Bioshock 2, (finish) Bioshock, and, of course, the Season Pass/episodes DLC for Bioshock Infinite. I still need to replay Infinite and find all those voxophones!

I still have a game going on 360 for Lego LotR and War in the North. I haven’t finished Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze or Mario 3D yet either. None of this stops me from wanting Dragon Age: Inquisition, Sims 4, the upcoming Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments, ……… Realistically I should never let the phrase “I’m bored” pass my lips when it comes to gaming since I have so many games I haven’t touched on top of the ones in progress, but sometimes that what I tell myself to justify buying more.

Anyway. Just noticed the new improved posting editor doesn’t show me my word count. I *really* don’t like that. I tend to have an affliction known as ‘bloggeria of the fingers’ and it’s very easy to get carried away and go all wordy. Will stop this one now. You’re welcome!

Rewards for your Sims 3 games in Sims 4

Sims 4 rewards info

Click the picture to make this big enough to read

I was reading Stargrace’s latest Sims post and saw she’d earned the Ultimate Freezer Bunny reward in Sims 4 for owning all the Sims 3 expansion packs. Congrats, Stargace, though I’d half expect that statue to scare toddlers. Oh, wait. There are no toddlers so you’re good. :P

The rewards for owning Sims 3 and the expansion packs, mostly, are plumbobs. I’ve earned six of them (did not realize I had that many expansions) and they’re all a different color. These plumbobs are supposed to cause your sim to react with differing emotions if I understand it correctly. They look like trophies complete with name plates.

Plumbob rewards

I’d love to have a super-star or singer/performer sim with a wall of shelves to house these plumbob (re)awards so he could pretend they’re Oscars when he has guests over. Wouldn’t that be neat? Outside of that I don’t see much use for them other than occasionally sticking them on a side table for decoration. According to the FAQ the rewards program runs from September 2014 to December 2014. I suppose this means that if I don’t buy Sims 4 in that time period I won’t get the rewards. That stinks because I hadn’t planned on getting it (unless, of course, my husband surprises me with it) until after the holidays.

The rewards are a nice nod but if I don’t get them, that’s cool. Unless they cause amazing and hilarious things to ensue. Then I’ll be a very sad simmer. You guys getting Sims 4 when it releases? If you own all the expansions you could have this fine piece of weirdness to put in your house.

Ultimate Freezer Bunny reward

This statue reminds me of the golden chicken egg that sits on a pedestal in LotRO … thinking that was a Spring Festival decoration. I bartered for that egg expecting it to do something. It didn’t, mind you, and it never matched my decor. This bunny award could fit in with many a sim styled house I think.

A Dwarf is a Dwarf is a Dwarf

Dragon Age Origins Dwarven city

Dwarven city in Dragon Age: Origins

When I first started playing Dragon Age: Origins a couple of my kids thought I was playing LotRO. There are quite a few similarities between the two games but I have to say, the ones that stand out the most for me are centered around the Dwarves. My oldest and I played LotRO together for years and even he remarked that Moria in LotRO and the dwarven areas in Origins looked a lot alike.

Moria screenshot, LotRO

Screenshot from Moria in LotRO

Dwarves aren’t very tall but they love to build gigantic and ostentatious structures, no? I think that’s what strikes me the most when entering Dwarven areas in games, that I’m craning my camera up as hard as I can to try and see the ceilings of these grand caverns built by such short people. Origins is no different from Moria in that respect.

grandious dwarven city in Dragon Age Origins

How did such short people get that massive statue head up so high? (Origins)

Dwarven towns are full of history, larger than life statues erected every where to honor the ancestry. I wonder if only THE most honorable are eulogized with the super sized likenesses carved high into the caverns? Assuming they are carved from the existing rock walls and not made and hoisted up into place …

Moria screenshot of big dwarven heads carved into the walls, LotRO

I remember stopping to stare, in awe, when I first saw this. (LotRO)

Facial hair is always a celebrated thing with Dwarves, too. There *are* female Dwarves in Origins but, to be honest, they remind me of big-faced Hobbits more than Dwarves. I like to think female Dwarves have braided beards.

NPC Dwarf in Dragon Age Origins

NPC Dwarf in Origins

Of course, not all Dwarves have long braided beards. I met one in Origins that has the area of his chin shaved down to a dark “5 O’clock shadow” with long braids in his mustache (the ends) and his side beard. ‘Twas weird to say the least.

LotRO Dwarf

This beard isn’t long enough to braid. (LotRO, character I created long ago)


Monday Moaning: Dragon Age what?

I hadn’t planned on another of these “Monday Moaning” posts for a couple of weeks at least but after reading a post this weekend by Pete over at Dragonchasers┬áI felt I had to put this one up. Pete was talking about the upcoming game, Dragon Age: Inquisition and how so many are eagerly looking forward to playing it. Count me as one of those chomping at the bit for it! That’s been a recent happening, me taking an interest in the game, having happened after I started playing Dragon Age: Origins. I’m hooked completely, so invested in the story, and I want to finish Origins before Inquisition comes out.

Anyway, as I read his post he talked about the time investment Dragon Age games take. It’s a LOT! I’m binging on the game, only playing it rather than playing several games (different games on different nights) because I don’t want to play anything else right now. There’s too much to see, hear, experience! I get what he’s saying, however, about games such as the Dragon Age ones taking up so much of your time when so many of us have a huge stack of games we haven’t even touched yet. Sometimes my stack feels daunting it’s so big! When he mentioned that (he thinks) Dragon Age: Origins takes around 60 hours to complete and then putting in the time for Dragon Age: 2, well, that’s a lot of time!

I stopped reading for a bit because I saw a flag waving off in the distance. I didn’t quite know what the flag said but, after some thought, I hit Google to make sure I was right and that Dragon Age: 2 was actually Dragon Age: Awakenings. It’s so not. I don’t know why I’ve been thinking all this time that Awakenings was the second (base) Dragon Age game but I have. Awakenings is just an expansion for Origins! That means I don’t have the game between Origins and Inquisition.

People, I love this game so much I simply can’t stand for that!!

So I went to Steam to see how much Dragon Age: 2 cost. (——-> Moaning incoming) You can’t buy Dragon Age: 2 on Steam because EA violated a terms of service agreement that states DLC for a base game must be purchasable via Steam if the base game is purchasable on Steam (according to what I read on the Steam forums). ┬áI read that Steam pulled the game after EA decided to put the DLC elsewhere, not on Steam. Here comes more “Moaning” on this fine Monday morning.

I. CAN’T. FIND. WHERE. YOU. CAN. BUY. THE. DARN DLC! (for Dragon Age: 2)

What’s more, I didn’t really want the game on Origin. I’d much rather have it in my Steam library. That means I don’t have any of Dragon Age: 2 which also means I am sad. Since I want to play them in order I won’t be getting Inquisition when it comes out. I think I’m almost done with the main story for Origins as I have all four of my treaties handed out and the representatives for each race is in my camp. I’m just running around doing little side quests until I decide to turn in to the Arl at Redcliffe. Suppose I can take my time now.



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