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Merry Christmas to me!

Dragon Age: Inquisition in the box!

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG! Since my son knew I knew they had gotten Dragon Age: Inquisition for my Christmas present, he went ahead and gave it to me!!! No point in wrapping it up! He came in front work, late, and handed it to his daughter. She’s two and is forever into everything she can reach, including a few movies we keep on a shelf in the living room. She waved this to get my attention and as I reached for it, I got on to her for getting another movie down.

Then I did a stupid pose, hollered, and stood rooted in place as Grandbaby and I checked out every detail of the back of the case. She thinks the flaming swords are, and I quote, “awesomesauce”. I tend to agree!

I doubt I’ll be ready to install and play before Christmas. I haven’t found the time yet this week to play DA:2 more (still a level 5 or 6) but I may just ignore today and jump in game. Haven’t decided yet as I have an important to-do list a mile long. DA:I sitting on my desk is great inspiration to hurry through and get it done!


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Dragon Age: 2, That’s a LOT of reading!

I’ve had a play session with Dragon Age: 2 and, so far, I’m liking it. Well, after adjusting my expectations a bit, that is. The game is good so far, don’t get me wrong. I just assumed I’d be another Grey Warden fighting a surprise blight picking up where Awakening left off. Or something. It took me a bit to get the time lines between Origins and DA:2 to line up correctly in my head.

I wanted to recreate my character from DA:Origins as closely as I possibly could. I’ve come to terms with the grips that, given the chance, I create the same character in most games I play. Here she is.

My Warden from DA:O and my Champion from DA:2

Warden from DA:O on the left, Champion from DA:2 on the right

I’m not sure why I go for red heads with buns and freckles but I usually do, or similar variations of this. I often wear my own hair in a messy bun, in the summer, when I just can’t take the heat my hair traps on my back, but it’s not a look I’m particularly drawn to in real life. Just my virtual one!

The graphics in DA:2 are AMAZING, having gone from finishing all of DA:O one night and firing up DA:2 the next. Blew me away before I thought about how there were a few years between the games and, you know, it was a whole new game. That’s something I had to remind myself over and over, it’s not the same game, it’s not the same game, it’s … holy CRAP that’s a lot of reading!

Oh, wait. Well, ok. Let’s go there.


I’m only a lvl 5 or 6 and I feel as though I’ve already read a novel! I actually stopped reading codex entries when I picked up one titled (something like) “Blah Blah Codex, chapter 847″ (think it was maybe chapter 3?) Just, it felt like I was being smacked in the face with a limp … scroll. Book. Bundle of papers. Wet ones. Soggy even. Smack here’s another. Walk a step or two. SMACK, and you thought you were done reading, hahaha. Turn the corner. SMACK! MOAR READING! Is it like this the entire game? Warning, if you say ‘yes’ I’m going to chunk a stack of codex at your screen!

Another thing I had to remind myself of was that I was not playing original Condi, the human noble. Nope, not at all. Once I whacked my expectation in the face with an 87 paragraph long codex, I was ok with the story for my Champion. Different isn’t bad. It’s just different. So sayeth the umpteenth thousand codex entry in my journal.

I haven’t killed much of anything yet. I’m doing busy quests inside a city. Lots of running here and there, fight a few bandits, run some more. Read a lot. Find a barrel to loot. Need more gold! Oh, look, a sparkly codex to read! (I’ll stop. Just want to emphasis there’s a crapton of reading codex in this game.) I haven’t had a good chance to play again since my one night last week (insert whine here) but I’m hoping ┬áto by the weekend. I’m hitting zee potty training hard with my grand-daughter this week because she’s so incredibly stubborn! Not leaving a lot of time for anything else. I demand achievements based on the amount of time you sit in the floor beside a toddler on their potty! She gets chocolate if she piddles. I get sore knees and an achy back. Gotta be worth game time at least, no?

Anyway, I don’t remember what I was doing when I logged exactly but I’d just found a massive codex and decided it was time to call it a night. Origin (the EA client like Steam) auto-downloaded a DLC pack of some sort for DA:2. I need to go look at the ones available and see how much Bioware points cost. Can’t find any other way to buy the DLC. My oldest and his wife absolutely DID get me DA:I for Christmas so I want to finish DA:2 and the DLC before then.

How do I know what they’re getting me, you ask?

  1. My oldest, Bear, talked of nothing BUT DA:I for a good week or two every time he walked into a room I was in. Red. FLAG!
  2. Bear asked a million and one questions, wanting to know how far along in Origins I was (was still playing when this occurred) and if I thought I’d be finished in time for the release of DA:I.
  3. I was talking to the AMD driver installer as it popped up the game adverts during driver installation. I saw the ad for DA:I and said, “Oh, I’m getting that!”. Bear jumped a foot thinking I’d just bought it myself. (hahahaha)
  4. When I bring up DA:I everyone looks at each other like ‘OH NO! DOES SHE KNOW???”

Yes, people. I know. And I’m SO excited!

Oh, and yes, I do talk to my computer screen. It’s no different than yelling at football games or stupid reality shows, no?


Just looked at Bioware points and the DLC for DA:2. Would cost $27 for Mota, Legacy and The Exiled Prince. Worth it?


Update on the 8BitBoy giveaway

8bitboy portal to W2

Congratulations, Wylus! I hope this game brings back as many warm and fuzzy nostalgic moments for you as it has for me!

The December giveaway is going to work a bit differently than the usual giveaways I’ve had this year. I think it’ll be fun for a holiday change. Will post more on that towards the end of the month. ‘Til then, get your game on!

Dragon Age: Origins, It Is Done.

I finished my first playthrough of Dragon Age: Origins, including Awakening and all DLC. Bittersweet! When I bought the game I didn’t see any Steam achievements for it so when I got my first achievement I was surprised. I won’t lie, it took me a good while to figure out where those achievements were coming from and where I could view them! Normally achievements drive me in my game play and I often seek games on Steam sales that offer them. Dragon Age was so darn good the lack of Steam ones didn’t bother me, making the Bioware achievements an even better surprise! I have collected 59 of the 109 achievements in game.

Dragon Age:Origins Bioware Achievements

Not too shabby, I think. I pulled up the achievement for completing all the rebuilding quests for Vigil’s Keep on purpose. This is one you earn playing Awakening and when the credits rolled on that expansion, meaning I’d ‘finished’ it, I was stunned! I didn’t realize the Brood Mother was the final boss for me and I knew I still had a TON of Vigil’s Keep quests in my ‘to do’ log. When I saw this achievement for finishing those quests it hit me … the ones I had left were either repeatables or grocery lists for Master Wade. Sadly, I never did get my golem armour.

There was a lot I didn’t do in game. I only played a female human noble, my Warden, as a warrior. I haven’t had a mage as a main or a rogue. I think a lot of the achievements I’m missing have to do with different class, race and skill deeds that my human noble warrior couldn’t get. When playing Leliana’s DLC I missed completing something (been awhile so I don’t remember exactly what that was) just as I didn’t get all the records in Golems of Amgarrak. I truly thought I had all the records but since I didn’t get credit for it …

Dragon Age Awakening, credit screen for Oghren

You may or may not see/have seen this ending with Oghren, depending on choices you make/made in your game. This is the one that rolled when I was done with Awakening and, upon reading it, I didn’t just chuckle but I may have clapped a couple of times. Dragon Age has a great sense of humor that shines through from start to finish! If I could belch on command, something my daughter has NO problem doing, I would have done so after reading this bit about Oghren.

Your choices in game really do matter and dictate what happens next. My ending for Witch Hunt was not at all satisfying! I’ll never know what Morrigan gave me, the item she said I’d find very interesting. I played Golems of Amgarrak AFTER Witch Hunt and didn’t see anything new or special in my inventory. I suspect foul witch craft at play here! I thought that this special item may be a lead in to Dragon Age 2 but after a friend who’s played DA:2 didn’t seem to know what the item was, I guess not.

I installed Dragon Age 2 Tuesday night, registered my game on Bioware’s social site and saw a slew of items added to my game for doing so. Looking forward to getting started soon. I’ve heard the game isn’t nearly as good as the first and, frankly, I’m not sure how it *could* be better than Origins. What an amazing game!

Dragon Age:Origins, Awakening. Found an armour eating bug

sweet looking armour in Dragon Age Awakening

This is my Warden wearing the Sentinel massive armour set in Dragon Age: Origins, Awakening expansion. I LOVE THIS ARMOUR SET! Here’s a screenshot of the full set from the Dragon Age wiki.

Dragon Age Origins, Awakening, Sentinel set massive armour (Dragon Age wiki)

Dragon Age:Origins, Awakening armour, the Sentinel set (Dragon Age wiki)

Is that not the SWEEEEEETEST looking armour EVAR?? When my Warden made the threat, ‘…There’s a trail of blood behind me, I dare you to touch them…” while wearing this massive armour set, you felt it! You felt the fear in the mob you were facing! According to the story this armour was worn by the Grey Warden who killed Dumat, thus ending the first blight. That makes this armour around 1200 years old! And Condi, my Warden Commander, was wearing it! I don’t remember the name of my weapons. This is the best screenshot I could find of them. I’ve been having so much fun playing taking screenshots hasn’t been on the forefront of my mind.

weapons I had in Dragon Age:Origins, Awakening

All I know is that I never died, killed fast and was a BEAST!! And now it’s all gone. All gone! (if you saw me post about this on Twitter I said I had the slots runed out. May have just been one of my weapons as the wiki page says there are no slots on the armour?)

So, what happened, you ask? A bug happened. And me. Let me explain.

I was working the Wending Woods area when I needed to enter the Silverite Mine. I didn’t know that my party would be captured in the mines or that they’d (the Architect) would take our armour and weapons and give them to his experimental subjects. I awoke in the dungeon and saw my party members all wearing long (full body covering) tunics. I’ve been captured before in game and woke to find myself in my undies. As I remember, Alistair was in his undies, too. I was happy to see the tunics rather than underwear! Then my Warden stood up and BLAM! She was in nothing BUT her undies, complete with the most toned bum in the known universe and a slightly off-centered camel toe. I briefly thought, ‘Hey! That’s not fair!’ and then set about trying to find our gear. It wasn’t in my inventory or any of the holding cells around us. Suddenly, there were Darkspawn to fight. I, at first, ran in the other direction hoping my party would follow. Then I remembered I had two mages with me, Anders and Velanna. They were rocking the fight with ease and by the time I was back with them, the mobs were dead.

So I traveled forth, confident of our fighting ability, searching for our armour.

The first experimental subject I found had all of Velanna’s gear! This gave me hope and realization that we’d get our armour back. Nathaniel’s armour was next and then Anders. Before this happened, however, I found myself in a fight that resulted in the (temporary) deaths of Velanna and Nathaniel. Once Anders and I had finished that fight and the other two ‘rose’ I opened my inventory and kitted us out with trash gear. Nothing good but better than undies and tunics!

So, anyway, I get to the end of the Silverite Mine, fight those awful drakes (bigger than draklings but not quite sure if they were full drakes or just teenybopper ones) and see the Architect and his companions leave. Then the Architect cast some sort of spell and BLOCKADED THE DOORWAY SO I COULDN’T FOLLOW! I hadn’t yet found my Warden’s armour, the Sentinel set and my sweet weapons! I decided I must have missed a corridor or room somewhere and decided to backtrack and find that last experimental subject.

Not. Possible! The mine is locked with a non-pickable door and the only thing you can do is leave the mines completely.

I made my way back to Virgil’s Keep and bought what armour I could for my Warden. The drake fight nearly killed me SEVERAL times! I went to Amaranthine and bought The Voice of Velvet off the barkeep in the Crown and Lion. This morning I decided to look this up, see what I had to do to get my most epic gear back.

I can’t. It’s a common bug and the only work around is to go back to a save point before entering the mines, remove your gear and then go in wearing your undies (or trash gear from your inventory). I can’t do this either. I don’t keep more than two or three save files because the more they build up, the more likely the game is to crash on me. I don’t like losing progress so I save. A LOT! And delete saved files. A LOT! My gear is gone. Forever.

If you’re playing and wake up in your undies in the mine, stop and go back to a save point BEFORE you enter the mines and save your gear! Don’t be like me!


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