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Giveaway: Monaco

Monaco Lebanese Embassy Mission completed

Giving away a copy of Monaco this month! It’s a fun little heist game where your goal is to break out of prison and steal valuable ‘trophies’ from places like the Lebanese Embassy or the Bank in Albert. You have a few characters to choose from (I typically run through them all because I keep killing them off) with different specialist specifications that may help you obtain your goal. PC Gamer described Monaco as “one of the best co-op games of all time” I haven’t tried co-op yet but single player is pretty fun, too. Pocketwatch recently released the last chapter (campaign) for the game for free. Here’s the requirements for the PC version as per the Steam store page.


 PC System Requirements

OS:Windows XP or later
Processor:1.2GHz processor
Graphics:Graphics Card that supports Pixel Shader 2.0 and Vertex Shader 2.0(Vertex Shader Support can be supported with software emulation)
Hard Drive:500 MB HD space
OS:Windows XP or later
Processor:1.4GHz processor
Graphics:Graphics Card that supports Pixel Shader 3.0 and Vertex Shader 2.0(Vertex Shader Support can be supported with software emulation)
Hard Drive:500 MB HD space

 Mac System Requirements

OS:OS X version Snow Leopard 10.6.3, or later.
Processor:2.0+ GHz
Memory:2 GB RAM
Graphics:OpenGL 2.1 and shader model 3 with 512 MB of memory.
Hard Drive:500 MB HD space
Additional:Not recommended for Intel integrated graphics, Mac Mini’s, or early generation MacBooks
Online:Steamworks required for online play, LAN not supported on Mac

Linux System Requirements

OS: Major Linux Distributions from 2010
Processor: 2.0+GHZ
Memory: 2 GB
Graphics: OpenGL 2.1+
Hard Drive: 500 MB HD space
Online:Steamworks required for online play, LAN not supported on Linux


So, how does this giveaway work you ask?

  • You have to have Steam to play the game as I’ll be gifting the winner the game through Steam. There will be instructions in the email explaining how to download Steam in case you don’t have it already. Steam is a free download.
  • The winner will have to use a valid email address when commenting (not IN the comment itself, just in the input box you have to fill out TO comment so it’s kept private) so I can send the download link for the game. I won’t sell or give your email address to anyone, promise. If you’re signed in to WordPress when you comment make sure the email associated with your WordPress profile is a valid one that you can check.
  • You have to leave a comment on this post in order for me to enter you into a random draw to win the game.
  • Oh, and you need an internet connection to download the game.

- You don’t have to be my Steam friend in order for me to gift the game to you because Steam allows for people to send gifts to email addresses, not just through the client. If you want to add me as a Steam friend, that’s cool. Not required though.

- I will assign each person who comments a number and then enter the numbers in a Random Number Generator to determine the winner. Multiple comments from the same person won’t increase your chances of winning. In other words, if you comment 187 times you’re still only getting one entry number assigned to you.

This giveaway starts as soon as I publish this post (8AM CST on 04/07/14) and runs through Friday night (midnight CST ). I will then use the RNG linked above to draw a winner. I’ll email the winner and if I haven’t heard from them by Sunday night I’ll draw for a new winner come Monday (4/14/14) morning. I really don’t like announcing who’s won on here (my blog) before hearing back from the winner but will do so Sunday morning if I haven’t heard from them. Sound fair?

Comment below to enter for a chance to win and good luck!


Editing to add: GIVEAWAY IS OVER! A winner has been drawn and I’m just waiting to hear from them. :)

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Monaco: Bludgeoned to death

Monaco Lebanese Embassy Mission completed

A friend gifted me this game for Christmas and after reading the description and checking it out on the Steam store page I bought a few copies to use as Christmas gifts for my sons and an extra to giveaway! (Check back next week for a chance to win it!) This is an action adventure heist game where your goal is to rob different places in Monaco (I’m assuming on that one). You can play single player or co-op mode but I prefer to play by myself. I’ve heard it’s crazy fun when playing with others but I’m too much of an AFK-type gamer to go co-op. I would love it if I could play with my sons, however, as they get that I have to jump away from time to time to do this and that.

The game *IS* fun and gets your heart pumping as you try NOT to attract the guards attention. ‘Least, you’re supposed to not attract them. I do, from time to time and have been bludgeoned to death more than a few times already! I’m told I can fight the guards but I’m not sure how. I try and sneak as much as I can but once I’ve been spotted I run a couple rooms over before activating sneak again while looking for a corner to hide in. So far that’s working pretty good for me.

I wish it was easier to go into single-player mode! If someone jumps into my lobby session before I can quickly click past the dialogue I leave the session and start a new one. You can set how many people are allowed in a session but the only options are 2, 3 and 4 players. I want 1!!! Just one-player! If I have a bone to pick with this game, it’d just be that.

I completed the Lebanese Embassy mission yesterday, finally getting the trophy out of the embassy and into the get away car before the guards could beat me to a bloody pulp. Not sure how many lives I had when I started but when I finished I only had two left. Never thought I’d say this but it’s a wonderfully rewarding feeling to steal the item AND make it to the get away car!! I’m wondering if you have to play through to a point where other characters unlock. I can choose between the lock-smith, the pick-pocket and the mole. Maybe one other character but I know there are a few more you can play. They could also be mission specific, too. Dunno.

I would love to play this on xBox 360 with my kids. Holy COW! Just hit Google to see if that’d even be possible and it SO IS! It’s on the Marketplace for $14.99. Hmm, I might get that soon as everyone, I’m assuming, will be home for Mother’s Day and how fun would it be to pull a heist together on such a lustrious holiday for Mothers??? Oh wait, I forgot I don’t have a sub to xBox live right now. Oh arg. (assuming I’d need one for multi-player?)


Anodyne: The ‘D’ key won’t help you

Writing on a rock in Anodyne


I’m wanting to play all of my games this year, at least once, so yesterday I started at the top of my games library in Steam and played a bit of Anodyne. This is a throwback to the old Zelda games but I have to say, I’m not sure what I think of the story-telling so far. It’s a little weird but I’ve found the game to be fun all the same. Well, once I figured out what I was supposed to do. I had to hit YouTube and watch a walk through for one of the puzzles (I didn’t recognize it AS a puzzle and was completely stumped on what was going on) and after watching, I think I get it now.

Dialogue screenshot from Anodyne


Some of the dialogue is witty where other bits leave me scratching my head wondering what I was supposed to glean from that particular part of the story. (re: the girl and her bike?) Still other bits here and there, like the rocks/signs that only say the writing is faded, make me wonder why someone bothered. Seriously. You fight with a broom and, apparently, you’re the ‘Chosen One’, evidenced by the fact that you have said broom. I want a better weapon! And less bats! And bats that don’t respawn just because I stepped back onto that part of the map after killing the bats. STAY DEAD YOU FILTHY WINGED BEASTS!  I found a peddler with a nice looking gun for sale. Think it costs $500 but, um, do you even earn coin in this game? I completed the Temple Dungeon and didn’t get a single cent. Hey guys who made this game, that’s not funny. I outta smack you with my broom or at least sweep dust in your eyes.

Seer boss in Anodyne


The first boss fight in the Temple Dungeon is a seer. I watched this fight in the walk-through and saw how easy he was to take down. I died, I think, 10 times trying to kill this boss face because I kept running into his disc shields. Or I tried to use the ‘D’ key to attack when the only key you use in this game, other than your arrow keys, is ‘C’. I can also attest to the fact that the ‘V’ key doesn’t do diddly either, other than cause your stupid self to die. Once again. For having your finger on the wrong key. /Dorksauce

Anodyne is a fun little time-waster. If you’re looking for story this isn’t your game. I’m enjoying it enough to want to keep playing, especially now that I’m in the nice green colorful area (forest?). I like that you can use the dust bunnies as a raft on water to keep you from sinking. Assuming you can drown? Dunno for sure as when I noticed I was sinking I hauled little Young back to the safety of the grass. While playing yesterday I pulled up the menu screen and made lunch for Grandbaby and myself. When I got back I noticed a timer was ticking, tracking how much time I’d been playing. Not sure what it’s for but given my ‘play for a few minutes and then go do something real quick’ way of gaming (<—— distracted gamer am I) I hope it’s not a bad thing. We shall see.

Organ Trail: Director’s Cut

I’m going to apologize right off the bat for my childishness in the names I gave my “friends” in this game. I had NO idea I’d see the names again after typing them in, else I would have picked different names. I SWEAR! See, when you start playing you have to give yourself a name first. I went with “AwesomeSauce” because, well, just because. I don’t know why, just thought it was funny. Then I met a man in game who offered to look for my friends. The way he talked, it sounded like ‘I’m a nice guy and will try but it’s not gonna happen I bet’ so when he asked for their names, I just typed in the first things I thought of.

Organ Trail, driving in heavy rain


But how about that guys awesome ability to go to D.C. and pluck my four friends from the crazy crowds of zombies and survivors??

(If you read Blondenerd the “Butts McGee” is totally her fault and consider my shortened version a nod to the awesomeness that is Britt!)

Anyway. I have no idea how I came to have this game. I wonder if it was in a Humble Bundle I bought? However I got it, I decided to give it a shot and cranked it up Saturday evening to see what it was about. This was originally a flash game by The Men Who Wear Many Hats . I don’t know the full story but they made an extended version, got it up on Steam’s Greenlight and the community voted it through. I love Greenlight for this very reason and will peruse the titles up for voting, finding games I’d very much like to play!

Organ Trail dysentery notice

Organ Trail: Director’s Cut is a zombie-survival game with a serious retro feel (see the station wagon in the first screenshot, retro like when ‘Ranni was young’ retro). You aren’t just fighting zombies in this game but also disease, time, stock and supplies and, for me, the muffler on your wagon. Mine were made so cheaply they JUST. KEPT. BREAKING! Never fear, however, as you can buy some rather nifty upgrades for your amazing ride in the shops at the different towns you’ll be stopping at. If, that is, you have the money. Money comes easy in some cities and others? Not happening! It’s a random thing, I believe, as to what set of experiences you run into in each city. Medkits are like GOLD!

Most cities have a couple of jobs available for money but I’ll be honest and say the only jobs I took were the ‘I dropped my crap and need you to go find it’ ones. The shooting mechanic in this game takes a bit of getting used to and I’m still getting used to it. I actually started selling ammo when I needed money because I did better running from zombies than I did shooting them. I suck sometimes. Won’t lie. I excelled at running from the zombies on scavenger missions, however, so food was plentiful! Especially when I had the run speed upgrade earned/bought from the combat trainer. (no real money needed for this game, just money earned IN game)

Organ Trail notice of road kill


This game is funny and cracked me up at times. I was riding down the road on my way to my next stop when, suddenly, Numb Nuts broke his leg. Then he got a disease, then whiplash and, thanks to poor rest/heal/time management from AwesomeSauce (otherwise known as ME) he croaked. Butts McGee I shot because he’d been infected after a zombie bite and I thought I was supposed to shoot him. Oops. By the time I made it to Safe Haven I didn’t have any friends left to help me out. Means I died fast. Another oops!

This game does not have stellar graphics but the sound track is pretty cool, the game is fun and you really do decide your own fate based on how good your strategy is. Mine wasn’t so hot but I learned enough, I hope, to make my next go turn out much better. You have to think and plan accordingly and when that fails, make the best of your situation. The game presents a lot of choices, some of them ‘life lessons’ in terms of the game and your survival. There are quite a few game tips in each town/stop when you ‘talk to strangers’. It’s a great little game with replay value (I think) and I’m looking forward to playing it again this week. (I hope) When I first saw the game for sale on Steam I immediately thought “that looks dumb”. No clue how  got it but I’m glad I did! Not dumb at all!

Sims 3: Belching babysitters and moochy maids

What gives? Every single babysitter my new Legacy Sim family has had burps, loud and proud, and then fans the burp funk while standing near the babies! Some don’t even do much babysitting at all! This is one of several that will opt to go chat, read a book or jump on the computer even when the baby is orange and screaming its little head off.

Sims 3 babysitting chatting with dad and neighbor


Luna, my founder sim, has no qualms about firing the babysitters when they aren’t watching the babies. It’s pretty clear she doesn’t want to do much of that herself, after all.

Sims 3 maid helping herself to leftover waffles


Luna loves her children but lacks patience when she isn’t having fun. And check out the maid! She opened the fridge and grabbed a plate of leftover waffles then sat down to eat them. All while Luna is throwing a fit over her toddler making noise. What? This family hasn’t had the best of luck with maids either. They often stop to chat, leave when there’s still beds to be made or trash to be taken out or, my personal favorite, just go stand on the porch and do nothing. NOT ONE SINGLE THING. Just stand there. For hours.

Sims 3 maid chilling on the porch


I’ve seen mention of collections with Sims 3 but I’ve never tried to collect anything. I have no idea how that works but decided to send Lacy Calhoun, my ‘heir’ out to explore the catacombs and see if there was anything worth collecting in them. I wasn’t sure what she’d have to do with anything she found but it was Saturday and she needed a fun activity so off she went. Holy. Freaking. Cow.

Sims 3 school-aged kid mauled by a bear


This is how she came home! Apparently there are bears deep in the catacombs and they maul young children!!! I had no idea! Poor thing walked right passed her dad who couldn’t be bothered to stop playing his guitar long enough to even ask ‘Where are your clothes?’. Mom didn’t notice her either. I’m so disappointed in the parenting abilities, or lack thereof, of this sim family it’s not funny. But, bears? Bears that maul sims? That’s not fair! And just what did the bear maul her with? A gallon of 40 weight?

Wow. Just, wow.

This Legacy family is certainly not boring. I played until both kids were school-aged then saved and quit to go watch Survivor. It wouldn’t have taken so long to play today if I’d just stuck to playing and not stopped to clean my shower walls, mop the kitchen, do laundry and clean mirrors. I’m such a distracted gamer it’s ridiculous. Almost afraid to see what happens when I play next!


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